Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Way of Nutrition

When I first made the decision to lose weight and feel healthier, I realized I needed a fundamental change in my core ideals and morals. I had been eating with blinders on for too long. It was time to take them off, and to start choosing what I felt was best for me instead of listening to what I was being told to eat. I did extensive research into proper nutrition (both, western and eastern philosophies) I read books, I downloaded movies, recipes, articles, case studies etc. What I discovered was, In order to look great one must feel great, and In order to feel great one must "think" great. You see, your mind is essentially the fields in which your seeds of development grow and nourish your total being. It is essential however, for us to plant our "own" original seeds of ideas. If I plant a seed in your mind, the fruits of that plant will not be completed. But if you do your own planting, plowing and harvesting. Then those fruits in your mind will be plentiful and wholly good. In other words, if I just tell you what to eat, u might follow my instruction for some time and maybe see some changes. But it won't last, because it is not a product of your own mind. You see, this was the enlightening moment; when I took a direct interest in how MY body responds to different foods and what MY body needed to perform at an optimum level.
You have to become your very own doctor, nutritionist, trainer, and friend. The moment you decide what you want in your life, is the moment you start planting real seeds in you mind. It is then your personal responsibility to live up to "your" highest ideals and morals. And if you get lazy and don't, Well then your body will make you feel like complete shit, because you lost your mind-body connection. You might be able to tell yourself lies In order to gain immediate pleasures; junk food, drugs, sex whatever it is. But you can never lie to your body, it will always know when you don't live up to your highest morals and ideals. This won't be easy, there will be setbacks, temptations, tests, and loss. However if u live up to the promise you make yourself. I can promise you with my utmost certainty that you will feel calm, confident, powerful and able. Please remember you will always have to deal with temptations in life. Be it from friends, family, or strangers. You will know that you are changing when, it doesn't feel like a temptation when someone tries to get you to take part In something unhealthy, because what sounds tempting about damaging the sacred, loving, healthy relationship you have with your body? I had an experience even yesterday where I was with close friends and everyone else but me was eating fast food takeout. I could see everyone eating with blinders on but that was their choice. What struck me as interesting was how everyone repeatedly commented on how they "feel bad eating this in front of me" I realized then that they saw the junk food as a prize to enjoy, but I saw it as a poison to avoid. And why would they think I felt bad? cause I couldn't come to terms with choosing to poison myself?? I see now what was being communicated was that they felt bad because they compromised they're own morals and ideals for immediate pleasure and when exposed to someone who was not willing to compromise, then guilt set in. If you take nothing else from this article please know that this path I am encouraging; The path of living up to your own morals and ideals no matter what the temptations. Will not be easy, you will be tested, you will lose things in your life that you once thought were very important. You will be scared, lonely and confused. But be secure in wholeheartedly knowing that in the darkest corners of life the Spirit of Truth will always be with you saying "this is the way"



  1. Shunyuan
    That was so well written. While I have not yet been able to harvest this seen for my nutrition and weight loss, u have experienced this flowering when I was struggling to overcome drug abuse. After using meth for 7 years the first time I was able to turn it down and walk away I knew I was on the right path. Thank you so much for the ideas. If you do have any info to help me out I would still love to hear it. I am going to be successful in this and I am proud to have all of you as a family

  2. todai Jia,
    you have the proper mindset :) always believe in yourself no matter the setbacks. I too battled addiction for some time. I felt regretful and like a failure for a longtime until i realized, all my experiences have enabled me to now help others. No one has been down roads as dark as i have, but thankfully i now have the reference experiences to lead people out. Jia all of your challenges and struggles are training for the future. keep close attention to the lessons you can learn while on your path.


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