Tuesday, May 22, 2012

FMK rank badges, designed to help put an end to fraudulant Martial Artists.  If you train in Kung Fu, you have two options, to either train with the mentality to have no rank, or to have rank.  Now if we are to train for rank, we need to place these measures in place in order to do it correctly. 


  1. This is great, I love the creativity. You have badges and shirts! I like how you're a very responsible teacher, checking on the student if he or she is worthy and even then on, they will always need to stay in shape. I hope to learn from you personally later in my life.

  2. If I am to teach, I must do it the right way. I appreciate the support. When you are ready, come on over to the kwoon & start training with us, it would be great!


    Sifu Freddie Lee,
    Do the badges help stop/repel/(maybe made of some kind of armor) against bullets, knifes, dirty looks ? Maybe if they were shinier and if the sun hit it the right way we could blind the attacker... But you already thought of this I'm sure...

    video-> I think your setting a great foundation/value system for the ranks/badges and it is good to have peoples hard work recognized. Because that's all anyone really wants in this world is to be acknowledged that they exist and adding value with your school to their hardwork is pretty cool.


    1. I like the direction the kwoon is heading in & I am looking forward to helping you progress in rank.


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