Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The importance of working together as a team

Todai’s, it is important that we work together as a team, as one.  Yes we all have our own individual talents & creativities; but what makes a family, what makes a business, what makes an organization grow, is individuals who come together collectively in which to achieve a common goal.  In this kwoon, our common goal is to achieve a balance of the body, mind, & spirit.  Through achieving this balance within ourselves, we will then be enabled to help others achieve a balance themselves. 

I wish to place less emphasis on combat & more emphasis on health & wellness.  The combative aspect is simply used as a marketing tool to gain a greater audience.  Yes there are practical purposes in training towards being proficient in combat, but as the founder of this kwoon & the creator of FMK, I am proud to say that ever since learning the Martial Arts, over 13 years ago, I have never had to physically fight anyone, I overcame all outer & inner conflict through my concentrated efforts in developing my spirit. 

We need to be patient with our journey in Zen Martial Arts.  Yes we may wish to progress rapidly, but you cannot force a plant to grow, it will grow when the time is right.  We have our whole lifetime to better ourselves in our Kung Fu, there is no rush.  The rush that you feel is the ego speaking.  We need to learn when to tame this ego & when to use it to our advantage. 

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  1. Patience.... no way, I think there should be a fast track program, like in video games- they have cheat codes ... eheheh....

    But I agree with more emphasis on HEALTH & WELLNESS because it is a much better approach to LIFE....



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