Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012 Fitness Baseline

So after having suffered enough self-induced over-analyzing for one week, and thanks to Sifu’s patience and Michael’s wise advisements, and under the positive influence of my wife Adrienne (who thinks it’s just fantastic that all FMK ranking requires annual demonstrations of fitness maintenance), I decided this morning to go ahead and take a baseline measurement of where I’m at. Seemed an auspicious day to do it: September 1st is easy to remember for the future, and it’s the full moon of Pakkii’pistsi Otsitai’tsspi (When Chokecherries Ripen) by our calendar. The run was pretty slow, but I’m generally happy with everything else, and I know there will be significant improvements next time around. Here are my stats and video…

Age: 40
Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 174
Jump Rope: 8 minutes
Middle Splits: 15” from ground
Behind Back Straight-Arm Stretch: 8 o’clock
Behind Back Prayer Stretch: palms touching, fingertips at shoulderblade
Over Shoulder Grasp Stretch: all fingers grasp with right arm up, two fingers grasp with left arm up
Bent Over Reach: five fingers touch ground
1 Min Sit-Up: 41
1 Min Push-Up: 52
1 Min Squat: 48
Low Squat To Front Kick: 30
Front Kick Hold: 20 sec each leg
Side Kick Hold: 20 sec each leg
Handstand Push-Ups (Tree Assisted): 14
Pull-Over (Mountain Climber): 3
L-Hold: 19 sec
1 Arm Push-Ups: 12 each arm
Regular Pull-Ups: 16
L-Hold Close-Hand Pull-Ups: 6
Dips: 22
Inverted Sit-Ups: 15
Decline Push-Ups: 20
3.25 Km (2 mile) Run: 17 min 48 sec

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