Thursday, September 6, 2012

What is Fake?

What is fake?

When you speak about the Martial Arts, it is an Art, in order to understand what is fake & what is not fake in the realm of Art, you must have an understanding of what Art is.  Art is creative self-expression.  2pac was an Artist, Bob Marley was an Artist, they create something original.  If you copy them, you are a fake.  If you are not original, you are a fake.  If you follow any system in the Martial Art & you are not self-expressive, you are a fake.  If you plagiarize, you are a fake. 

If you develop your own from your inner heart, you are real.  Being fake is any expression that is not your expression.  There are very few that are real, that is why the real stand out from all the rest.  In Art, being real has nothing to do with certifications.  Vincent Van Gogh may have painted something original, somebody that creates a carbon copy of his painting, is a fake.  There is fake jewelry & there is real jewelry, an experienced jeweler will know the difference. 

In order to determine the difference between fake Martial Arts & real Martial Arts, you must know what real Martial Arts is, if you do not know what real Martial Arts is, you will not know what is real & what is fake, what you deem as real may actually be fake.  The stunts and “Martial Art” actors in the movie “Matrix” are fake, they do not live the Martial Way, they are practicing it for the time being for entertainment purposes.  Bruce Lee & Jet Li are two individuals who lived & breathed the Martial Arts, it is their way of life.

All “Martial Arts” that do not involve the integration of the “Spirit” is fake.  A certified Police Officer who is corrupted, is fake.  He may have the badge, the gun, the vest, the car, & his police buddies backing him up, but he is still fake.  All corruption of the pure is fake. 

A real human being is hard to come by, most of what we deem as real, is actually fake.  Most human beings are carbon copies, they are machines, they are not real, they are fake.  If you are a fake human being, you cannot practice real Martial Arts.  You can only practice real Martial Arts if you are a real human being.  Being a real human being is not easy in modern society.  The school will turn you into a fake.  Your friends will turn you into a fake.  Your girlfriend will turn you into a fake.  Your employer will turn you into a fake. 

You are afraid to express yourself, you are afraid to be yourself because you seek the approval of others, anytime you seek the approval of others, you are being fake.  Being real, is just expressing yourself truthfully from within as is.  Few people in this world will ever have the courage to express themselves truthfully.  For the most part, when they do, they will be attacked by the society, because the society in itself is fake, all the fakes will greatly despise those who are real, they will seek to kill the real. 

That is why Jesus, Socrates, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, 2pac, Bruce Lee, Gandhi, John Lennon, JFK, etc. were killed.  The society hates the real, they want to kill the real, they want to turn everybody into fakes, & that is why you will rarely ever encounter a real Martial Artist, most of all of them will be fake. 


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  3. This understanding is one of the key things that sets FMK apart, and one of the aspects of it that has really opened my eyes, and that I'm excited about. There are very few actual 'martial arts' schools in existence, from what I've ever encountered. There are schools that train fighters, and lack the spiritual development, and these are becoming most prominent today. Then there are schools of systems. And in a system, you are studying a very narrow kind of art history, usually focused on the creations of one or few real martial artists who lived several decades or more ago. Unlike the academic study of art history though, these schools teach you to mimic these past creations as best you can, and to stick to just that. Not that this mimicry is easy. And not that the student doesn't learn important skills from this exercise. But they're never encouraged to be creators themselves. And that's the difference. It's like if I went to the school of Gauguin and learned all about his paintings - the history of his journeys through other cultures, his critiques of his own society, the exact techniques he used in his art, and how to represent his experiences on canvas in the same way he did - but then I'm told just to keep making those same Gauguin paintings again and again. It's crazy. This is not the approach to schooling in any other art that I can think of. So here's the questions... Why do you think it is that 'martial arts' in today's society remain so impoverished of actual artistic expression? Why is artistic expression so discouraged? At what point in any typical martial arts school is artistry encouraged? How can we change that?

  4. Kung fu brothers and sisters, the main point here that is completely ignore or dont take in consideration is that the" Journey" is a personal one!! We are all different beings! Some want to learn how to fight first.. become a great fighter (BRUCE LEE), training in Wing Chun, going to different schools and fighting, becoming a great force! than the internal light lit up. He grew up, he adapted to all forms of combat, he combine several styles and he created something that worked for him. Bruce Lee, never liked the name attach of his system JKD!! The name just stuck around. The same for Van Gough, Was he born a famous artist?? no!! he has his own personal journey, his up and down, he worked at art dealers, took classes for painting and excel!! Just like everyone, we need teachers !! He need to learn basics, paints strokes, paints, ect. how about a not so well know guy Adam Brown, Again,, he had all the right stuff, but no direction, who became the only DEVGRU SEAL to pass with one working eye and one fully functioning hand. My point, is the art is in all of us! But we need to learn the fundamentals and principle of what we are learning, yes that includes mimic of movement, (how else are we going to know how to throw a punch or perform a kick right, create a 3 dimensional picture or hitting a target in a CQB scenario using your non dominant eye and hand to hit a target 100/100 ) Remember, combat system are Both!! an ART and forms. WE the individual make it our own,, because when we are in a combat scenario, all goes out the door, but your adapting, training, overcoming and creating success,, now,, that is ART!! "May you find peace and love in your Journey "

    Carlos (sorry dont have an account with none of the avail set of selection)

    1. I agree with you, Carlos, that there is no way to even begin the journey into any art without starting off learning various techniques and approaches, the basics. In fact, from my perspective, there is absolutely no form of knowledge or expression that does not derive from exchanges between people, or between humans and other beings. I think the popular celebration of individual discovery is incredibly misleading, and it influences the rampant disfunction of our relational sense of being in all aspects of our lives. So I don't disagree with you, in this respect. However, it is still the case, as far as I've known, that holistic development of mind, body, and spirit, as well as artistic expression, are not significant aspects of the curriculum or experience in most martial arts schools. It's as if, in order to go down that road of exploring creativity, in order to develop oneself as a artist, we have to break away from the schools. And why does this have to be the case? I may be mistaken, but to me this pattern still carries that ritualized relational disjunction that I feel is hurting our society. Where I live, in traditional learning, your teacher remains in your life forever, and while you certainly need to learn the foundational knowledge of a given discipline, there is structure in place to allow the influx of new material into that core, without having to create any social distancing between the artisan and the learning family. I suspect similarly of martial arts traditionally in the past. But upon merging with Western society, the ritualized disjunction has been adopted, and so those have learned the foundation may, like a teenager, be forced to rebel against family, in a sense, in order to explore creative expression. I don't think this is healthy, nor do I think it's the way things have to be

  5. The problem is many many people want instant gratifications!! Can you do a physics equation, and not know how to add, multiply?? What we study for 6 month or 2 years and want to be a Master/Sifu?? NO, that is personal! As individual seeking to grow and learn we must practice patience! and hope the Teacher is a good one. Some do it to put food at the table and you can see them by their advertisement expense and promises!! some do it for EGO, by criticizing every other system out there and try to destroy credit and make themselves shine, then you got others that do it as labor of love. They have humility, kind and giving, always ready to help you.. and give you what you need!!!! How can we perform a one two, one two combo if your root is wrong, or our foot work is sloppy!! So hopefully your teacher will work on you very hard to perfect that root or footwork, to improve yourself. But NO,,, many people want it NOW, without doing the work require! Tales of the old Shaolin Monks, before anyone would be granted in.. they would have to pass a test. The test were personal,, but at the end of the day, You have to be worthy of the knowledge you receive and most important is being ready for that knowledge. So.. im sure some schools promise many things.. to get you in the door, you have to try different schools to find your home and where you find where you can grow. Again.. the journey is a personal one. The greatest teacher is what is giving to us at that moment when we need it. Because even a bad Sifu.. will have something to teach you! and hopefully you will learn your lesson and find a better one.


  6. Bruce Lee & Jet Li are really lived & breathed the Martial Arts.
    They are real hero of Martial Arts Inner West .
    Thanks for this blog!

  7. You are so right Shi zu. Bruce Lee at his time was being persecuted all because he was expressing himself. People hated him because he developed a holistic approach to the Martial Arts. Like you said, society wants to kill the real. That was a great article Shi zu. I hope everything is going well for you


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