Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book Review And CLF On The Equinox

It’s Equinox time, and with it a new post. I have a couple interesting contributions today. First off, a book review of sorts - the second toward my 100+ review objective – regarding Osho’s “Ancient Music In The Pines.” This is a Zen-focused compilation of his teaching to disciples. I’d never read any Osho before, but decided to give him a shot, and was rewarded for having done so with a curious synchronicity, described in my video, that really got me contemplating similarities and differences between what I do in nature and Eastern Zen meditation practices…

I’ve also been working for at least an hour a day on perfecting the CLF form. I’m not there yet, but am feeling closer to having the techniques flowing properly, and I’m looking forward to starting in on the TKD form in the not too distant future. Here’s a progress video, in any case…

Finally, just for a good laugh, another round of duckwalk lawn-mowing from earlier in the week. It’s silly and stupid, but it really is hard leg-work. Makes my thighs ache sweetly for at least a couple days…


  1. I own that book by Osho and have read it as well. It's nice to see that you are checking up on Osho, his work to me is amazing. Nobody that I have come across has simplified Eastern Wisdom the way that he has. I love reading his books, when I am done with all of them, I really don't know who to study next.

    I saw the CLF form video. It is looking good, it's amazing how well you are able to learn from online videos, I will provide feedback when the time is right. Mostly you will have to work on body movement & getting your entire body to be behind each technique. When you are ready, I will probabably make one video to give all corrections & then if all goes well that will be the only correctional video you will need in order to move onto the next form.

    That duck walk idea you have for mowing the grass is a groundbreaking idea. Actually all people who work in offices should duck walk every where they go! Thanks for sharing your posts.

  2. That sounds good, re. the corrections video when that time comes. I know it's not there yet. Part of the whole-body issue is that I'm still overly concentrated trying to remind myself what comes next, particularly with the arms and fists to switch appropriately between leopard paw, knife and ridge-hand when it comes to those triple power hooks, and to keep my guard hand guarding instead of mimicking the opposite fist. Soon though, perhaps even this week, I'll be to the point where I don't have to think about what's next, and then I can really get into generating more power. I'll continue posting my progress in this, and indicate when I feel like I've made most of the necessary improvements that I'm aware of, and could really use a fix-up


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