Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Take down your ego, let your spirit grow

Being unable to post new videos on my YouTube account, I wanted to share with you a few thoughts. Nothing is fixed, and I regularly read and change a few things. Hope you can find a few interesting ideas so that we can share and learn.

Take down your ego, let your Spirit grow

1) Our condition as a human being is extremely fragile
When we look into scientific theories, we learn that we are the most advanced species on the planet. That is only according to our conception of life. We can all become sick. We will all get older and we will all die. A very small cut can become infected with microscopic microbes and end up killing us. A single mushroom can make us die. The human body, compared to the other wild animals is extremely fragile. We don’t have claws, though skin or large teeth.

2) Most people are not exceptional.
If we rarely turn on our TV’s we can easily witness an inversion of values, where stupidity is enhanced and basic human virtues are derided. Still, there is initially no reason to be so proud of us and to think we are better than others. Achievement in life is something that very few people will ever reach. Others have live before us and other will live after. One good thing about online communities or twitter is that they let us realize that we are all virtually friends and that we all do the same things. In its primary condition, man is not original. Even with sophistication, we all wear the same clothes, do the same things and we are very similar in our behavior.

3) Competing rarely makes us better.
Only genuine expression of our true inner self can make us better. What many people don’t understand is that realization is an inner process. As a matter of fact, the only way a competition can be a good thing to you is when we lose it. This loss will force us to think about our own weaknesses. The only person we can really compete with is ourselves.

4) Get in touch with nature.
How can we pretend that we are different from other creatures in nature? Our arrogance leads us to believe that we are superior to other creatures but any wild encounter like a boar or a dear will make us feel otherwise. In fact, from our infinite superiority, we are so terrified of other creatures that we even lock our houses and kill small insects which are unable to harm us!

5) Manipulation everywhere, all the time.
1% of the population has been controlling the rest for hundreds of years. Even if we believe our political or social ideas to be revolutionary, our opinion will probably never make a difference. Those who have power decide. Opposition to the empire means death. Those who try to reach out to other people, refusing to become an instrument of the oppressors will have to face social or physical death. Therefore, the only thing we can do is trying to free ourselves and lead by example to help our loved ones. It is impossible to teach truth and freedom to someone who is not ready.

6) Traditions can be useful, but everything should be put into question
When we study Geography or History, every citizen in the world is considered to be religious. There are so many beliefs and cults that we can’t deny a religious feeling, common to all human beings. One problem is, this feeling has been surrounded with dogmas and manipulators and used against humanity. Interesting thing happens when we analyze traditions. In one country, a wise man is someone with a beard, in another someone who shaves his head. Believers have dreadlocks, beards, hairstyles… If a superior spirit existed, do you think it would care about what you ate for your last dinner or the way you dress?

7) Getting in touch with our inner spirit.
Training under Shi Zu made me realize that there is a key in human being’s growth. We can be in good shape, have a nice job, be proud of our relationships with people no matter their gender or background. There might still be a sense of lacking. Mainly this feeling comes from our soul. Body and spirit may be very well trained and sharp; the only way to attain a blissful feeling will take a serious practice in the field of arts and meditation. It is our own responsibility and work to discover what our “god given” talent is, through listening what our soul says and thinking about our actions… Even though this voice has been nearly muted through centuries of manipulation, it will still speak if we try to listen.

8) Human spirits desperately needs freedom and expression.
We may all feel a sense of lacking and helplessness at times. Deep inside us we know that there must be something better, somewhere for us. Some believe in paradise or reincarnation. But this is only a promess of fate. Why should we wait to be about to day to communicate honestly with ourselves? This better way must exist in the present moment in order to be alive. The key to our inner self is consciousness. Learning more about people and their behavior is a way to find the truth and live in happiness. Once again, it starts with knowledge and compassion.

- Todai Ling


  1. Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed the read. It is good to see that you are starting to write & discover the wisdom you have within.

  2. This is great, thanks for posting it. I can tell we share a lot of understandings, interests, and concerns. You've heard some of my perspectives on these matters. I think we're living in a very strange era, when our most fundamental identity as human, which is an identity that speaks of our relation to the wider ecology, has been replaced by all kinds of other ego-inflating and divisive categories. I'm sure our ancestors could never have imagined the kind of existence we lead today, nor the blindness and repressions required to persist in this manner. I'm glad we're on this parallel journey together

  3. First the Sign of Intelligence is the cerebral ability to Cope: [handle, interpret, redefine, understand and comprehend and further, deduce and describe new and more inclusive descriptions about how they not only tie together but fuse,] with multiple viewpoints and not experience confusion. When faced with confusion we tend towards exclusively one comfortable description and of course deny our cerebral development an arsenal of essential factors.

    So, keep in mind when you read my small description that I agree with you to begin with..

    The human brain in comparison and contrast to the most precise view about themselves and their highest human potential is becoming more and more dysfunctional in the light of all the technology and advancements in existence. The opposite effect is what is happening to mankind. A roach will outlast us and we are powerless...to even duplicate that longevity. That's just one facet touched on there are many. The few capable of recognizing 'that' are tbe one's with Emerging Intellectual Hope......and are doing something to fight for individual improvements against to the contrary and all other collective odds against them.

  4. Thanks to all for your feedbacks. I will consider it deeply and continue searching driven by our mutual inspiration.


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