Sunday, September 9, 2012

Let's Jump!

I wasn't going to record any of my workout this morning, but then I noticed the post updating us on fitness requirements for rank. So today became jump day. I practiced vertical jumping straight, then onto boulders, then onto the back of a park bench, and I did some horizontal leaps as well. The only one I was able to measure at all was the horizontal. Judging by lengths of my shoe from toe to heal, I can horizontal jump about 7'5". I also tried some other new exercises today, including decline spiderman push-ups, a couple attempts at lowering myself slowly from pull-up position with one arm (it's hard and I don't make it look pretty), and a few improvised things with the log. All fun warm-up before CLF practice, which I didn't bother including in the recording... maybe in a few days, when I feel there's been progress.

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