Sunday, December 23, 2012

Discipline over motivation

Motivation won't be there everyday, so when it's time to workout, it's discipline that's taking over. I just get my ass up and go workout, i do my warmup and hit my program. I push myself as hard as i can in each and everyone of my workout. And after i'm done, I feel good, happy and i'm proud of myself and the motivation comes back.

Point is don't wait for motivation, it won't be there everyday, but you can bet it will come back one day or another if you push yourself into discipline.


  1. Discipline is very important, definitely, for all kinds of personal development projects

  2. I'm glad to see your activeness on this blog & sharing your thoughts, I see that expressing ourselves is of great value especially when we have others who support, encourage, and appreciate our expression, and this is what this blog's function is. I'm glad the translation is going along well. Mr. Ben is working on compiling Volume #2 of Reflections.


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