Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Emptyness of the mind

Emptyness of the mind

I'm happy to be able to express myself with the FMK Family and it's entire Kwoon as a supporter. When i received the link for the Tao of Freddie's Modern Kung Fu blog, i started to focus on subjects. And as i focused, i felt a lack of creativity. As a creative person, it felt kinda strange. But i misunderstood what was happening. What was happening is that my mind was getting empty. Not in a bad way, neither in a good way, just kinda empty, calm and relax. And i decided to write a little something on emptyness.

Sometime i'm very agitated, sometime i'm in between. But theres a specific time when my mind gets very empty and the time stop. At this particular moment, all i know is nothing, all i feel is the oxygen coming in and out of my lungs, it's almost as if i could see in slow motion for a short moment. It happens sometimes when i push myself very hard on my workouts, and i can't really predict those moments, they just happen.

So is it a bad thing that my expression comes kinda short for my first blog? I think and feel that it ain't since i'm feeling good and relax.

While i'm typing this, there is no noise around me but the sound of the keyboard, it's almost completly silent. And i'm thankful for that, because i'm counscious that i'm living a moment that is opposite to war; a moment of peace.


  1. Welcome to the blog, Steve. I was trying to think of a response to your post, but (like you) came up empty... Which is not a bad thing, but I'll be looking forward to hearing more from you. What is it that brings you to FMK?

  2. Hey man, how's it going? I watched some of your videos, you doing good, i'm from Canada too, i'm from the Montreal area in Quebec. As for FMK, i'm a curious person by nature, i like to read and learn all kind of stuff, and martial arts is no exception. I have read a couple of Martial Arts books, and then i decided to check for something new, something fresh. So i did my research on the web, and i found Freddie's Youtube channel like two or three years ago, i saw the guys was real serious, and i liked what he represented. So i contacted him, and decided to buy books from him. After that we emailed each other a couple of times and exchange views and opinions about various things. At first i wanted to be an official student but with time, i understood that i was (for now) more fit to be a supporter. So i've purchased the last book Freddie wrote, and i really liked it, and i had the idea of making a french translation(i'm french Canadian). So Freddie liked the idea and now i've been working on the french translation for some months, i've got a very good assistant too who corrects the textual errors i make. So that's kinda my relation with FMK, i like the message, i like the high fitness standard, i've been working out for six years now and i like keeping in touch with positive peoples who train themselves hard, mentally and physically. So that's about it, and keep up the good work!!

    1. Thanks, Steve. That really helps me get an idea of what you're about. That's awesome you're working on a French translation. I do get to Montreal maybe once every couple years or so. If you started online training, maybe we could get together for practice on some of those trips. Just a thought. Good to see you blogging, a very welcome presence

  3. Cool, next time you come to Montreal, you can come visit, send me an email, bring your camera if you can, we can make a weight lifting session and film it;SteveCaissy@live.com

  4. I'm very glad to see your first FMK blog post. I encourage you, all supporters, and Todai's to express yourself on this blog, this way it allows others to get to know you and it provides the opportunity for others to learn from what you have to share. I always check the blog so the message will get to me as well.


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