Monday, December 17, 2012

Peaceful Warrior

A little sidestep from the joker series, cause I can't find the time right now... I just wanted to join the others with my movie recommendation...
It is based on a book by Dan Millman called  ''Way of the Peaceful Warrior''. The book is great too, by all means take the time to read it.
The movie is not so much about the acting and plot twists. It's the message of the movie that is inspiring.

Be sure to watch it and let  me know what you think of it...


  1. Looks good, I'll have to check it out

  2. I saw the movie and loved it, it is a movie I highly recommend myself, I was going to recommend this movie in the video post but then decided to go with "Matrix." I'm glad you have mentioned this movie, I see that we have many interests in common when it comes to what we choose to entertain ourselves with, such as Alan Watts, John Lennon, Peaceful Warrior, Diogenes, etc.


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