Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello Again!

Its been far too long since I've posted to the blog!! I am sorry for not being as diligent with this, as I have come to think of you all as a second family. Work has been quite hectic lately due to the holiday season, but now that things are slowly starting to even out, I have set aside officially a day once a week to post regularly so that I might make myself known in the physical kwoon as well as the digital one as much as possible!

So! to start this habit off right, I'll post an update of my progress and goals within training with Sifu as well as my personal goals for the close of this year and the years to come. The first goal I have is to become more open to the application of all that I learn within the martial arts. Often times I have a tendency to assume an application of a technique or misjudge its value based on what I can do physically with it. Sometimes I even fail to see the potential in any one technique because I have not personally trained in the use of it. All martial arts is connected. As I read and study, I am learning that in a true practice, no move is waisted and every action serves purpose. This is a very humbling lesson which further proves its value in my opinion. The second goal which I hope to achieve by the close of this year at the earliest or by midsummer next year is to increase my physical fitness to a point where not only will my upper body compensate for my limited capability with my legs, but to a point where my capability of my legs increases and my legs grow stronger. I know this will be a painful goal that will take far more than my normal effort in my training to reach, but I am firm in my resolve. I will accept nothing less than the parameters of this goal to be met exactly. that entails a loss of a minimum of 20 lbs. An increase in muscle mass by at least 3% and a BMI to total under 15%. The third and I would argue equally important goal is to make myself more available for training and assistance with the kwoon, both online and physically. I am known by my closest friends as someone who is always there when advice is needed or something is needed to be discussed. It is only fair that I am there even more so for the people that I would consider a second family.

I hope you all have a great holiday season and I look forward to getting to know you all even more!

Todai Changming
Charlie Bressler


  1. Hey Charlie, good to hear from you again. Thanks for sharing this, and for your commitment to making posts every week or so from now on. This kind of routine will really help the online Todai, as this blog is our main space for interacting with other members of the FMK family. On a similar note, I appreciate your third goal. It does appear as though we'll be gaining at least one new online Todai after the holidays, perhaps more. With the online training, I'm trying to get everyone to commit to making weekly updates here. This will be a good opportunity to offer feedback, and at the same time feed that second family sense of belonging.

    I also very much applaud your second goal, and I hope that you direct most of your attention toward it. I believe you can become far more mobile with your legs. I've seen it happen. I've witnessed people with severe, paralyzing nerve damage crawling around on a dojo floor, and going on from there to do things they never thought possible. I don't know what it's like to be you, but I do know that you can achieve this second goal. I'll be rooting you on

  2. Charlie, your post came just at the right time. I am planning to speak with you directly to figure out a way to get you into the kwoon more consistantly. I am aiming to have you attend 2 times a week and at least once a week. I understand that some times there are physical limitations and conflicts with the work schedule but I believe that better efforts can be made to meet b/c I am available 7 days a week! And now I also have Sidai Shunyuan and Sidai Bang as teaching assistants, so there are no excuses! I'll speak to you further when I see you on Thursday!


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