Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Human Being is not a Possession

I am pretty sure you heard that I am very fond of video games. I do not remember the
exact date I was playing my PS3 but last time I was playing it, my game of choice
was Sleeping Dogs. It's about a Chinese American undercover cop who is infiltrating
a gang to investigate the murder of his sister I guess... I cannot tell you the whole
story because it would take too many pages. I got to a point when I was spying
one of partners in the gang. Apparently, he was with his girlfriend and said: "I am
so glad I have you. Many guys would want to come after you but gosh you are so
perfect!" That statement turns me off immediately. Why? Because of the word "have"!
How do you have someone? Do you really believe my parents, my cousins, or anyone close to me have me? Do you think I have them? No! It is impossible to have a constantly changing human being. You really want to know the reason why I stay away from having somebody? Because the word itself indicate that you see her as a trophy, a possession! Now, do not get me wrong it
is a video game afterwards right? Of course, but video games can damage anyone psychologically
believe it or not. I know one of my friends was crazy about the military war because of video games.
Go on, play as much as you can and see for yourself. What is even more disturbing about the game
too is that they will increase your face level for breaking up with multiple hot women, break their hearts.
That's what makes a man stand out in Western Society: ego. Yes it is a video game I understand
that but video game is a very sneaky way of promotion of the ego. The ego will never
see unity. It is also the reason why a Western man will never understand the word the
East. A Western man is too egoist to open his eyes... A Western Man would
tell me that I think of it too much because he does not want to accept the truth...
I am still questioning myself being in a relationship with a woman right
now because I do not value the controlling type. I do not
see myself going through her phone to search for people who has been
sending her texts... I wouldn't want someone I am with to cheat
on me but at the same time I do not want to limit her freedom
either. Is it possible to be in a relationship without thinking of each
other as some sort of reward? Thinking of each other as reward creates
jealousy, violence competitiveness which doesn't make a healthy
relationship at all. Am I asking the impossible?


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  2. Good post, very good post. I am currently reading a book by Krishnamurti, and he talked about the same thing at the very beginning of the book: "Thought inevitably breeds the feeling of ownership, that possessiveness which consciously or unconsciously cultivates jealousy. Where jealousy is, obviously love is not; and yet with most people, jealousy is taken as an indication of love. Jealousy is the result of thought, it is a response of the emotional content of thought. When the feeling of possessing or being possessed is blocked, there is such emptiness that envy takes the place of love. It is because thought plays the role of love that all the complications and sorrows arise. [...] The process of thought ever denies love. It is thought that has emotional complications, not love. Thought is the greatest hindrance to love. Thought creates a division between what is and what should be, and on this division morality is based; but neither the moral nor the immoral know love."
    The book is called Commentaries on Living Series I, it's an excellent one.

    1. Wow... In a movie actors plays a certain character but they are not the character. In that case, thought creates jealousy and plays the role of love but it is not really love. But then again, we human beings are blinded the love act instead of seeing love as it is... That was a very good quote you just posted. Thank you for recommending me this book. I heard a lot about Krishnamurti. I watch some of his lectures but never read anything from him. Maybe I should check that book out.

    2. BUY it ! Maybe you can even find it at the library. I found Series I, II and III at mine. The first one is excellent. haven't read the II and III ones yet. It's even in Osho's favorite books. trust me it's worth your time! haha

    3. Thanks. I am also glad you talk about Osho too. I am reading a book of him right now. It's called Spiritual Path: Buddha, Zen, Tao, Tantra. It's amazing. His wisdom is communicated with a lot of humor unlike the ones of other sages.

    4. haha i just finished that one last week! first book i ever read about buddha zen tao and tantra. He's amazing

    5. Yes he is. I would recommend him to anyone. I am at the last part of the book. Tantra is an amazing topic. I would never saw the beauty of sex if I remained a Christian for the rest of my life. Haha. Not being a pervert but sex is really beautiful. The reason why people do not notice that is because they either have sex irresponsibly or they try to stay celibate. Both are extremes; therefore, they are not healthy.


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