Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Osho discusses true enlightenment...



  1. OMG. Thanks for sharing this. People talk about Jesus being the wisest? Please. Osho is the real deal. Not worshiping but he said the whole truth. Philosophies are basically foolosohpies. Lool. There might be a beauty to philosophy but going on and on and never stop will limit you from living life to the fullest.

  2. Yeah, I had this experience during my younger years. My parents had decided to pull me out from TKD classes. It scarred me to see other TKD students progressing. Some other students had made to the black-belt level. I kept asking myself every night "why did my parents pulled me out?". My parents always said to me it's a waste of time. I always thought it will only benefit them, not me because I thought I should exercises my freedom by doing, virtually, everything. That's only their answer nothing else. As I grew my vision towards this 'fighting art' grew in a different way. It's scary; waste of time; I would rather keep my grades up to get into the university that I like; I witness a lot of relationship breakups inside the TKD circle because of all this competition and questioning. Now, I always tell myself. Thank God, I let that go. In addition, some weird dude came into that class just to beat up his ex new boyfriend, and eeww damn I'm out of here. LOL

    1. Wow. Lol. That sucks man. Taekwondo has lost the art. It becomes a sport. I was in Taekwondo too but I left because I did not have enough money. Now I am training under FMK and I don't plan on living because I finally found a true Master. Freddie Lee is such a great guy. In addition, he sees Martial Arts the way it was meant to be. He saw Martial Arts the way I and Bruce Lee do. And yes, my Taekwondo class was very competitive and looked like a daycare center! That's not Martial Arts at all.


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