Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fitness Activities Stimulate and Motivate Cancer Patients in Remission

When a person is in remission from mesothelioma or another form of cancer, it is highly possible for the cancer patient to feel fatigued, physically depleted and emotionally drained.  In addition to the rigorous physical treatments and the nature of the disease that a cancer patient usually suffers through, there are also many other contributing factors that can cause stress and exhaustion.  Exercise is a good way for a person in remission to begin taking their life back.

Discover How Exercise Can Help

One of the single biggest benefits to exercising when a person is in remission is he or she will begin to experience new levels of energy.  As adrenaline begins to circulate through the body due to mild or moderate exercise, a person’s body will naturally begin to become stronger.  Increased energy is due to strengthening muscles, improved cardio health, and the release of endorphins.

Improved cardio health is a result of increased blood flow and circulation throughout the body.  When a person has been primarily immobile or sedentary for a significant amount of time, it can take a few weeks of exercise to overcome feelings of soreness and exhaustion.  Once the first few weeks have passed, the patient should begin to experience improved physical health and increased positive moods.

What Types of Exercises Are Helpful?

Because it can be a challenge for a person in remission to get excited and motivated about beginning a regular fitness routine, it is helpful to create an exercise schedule that will be stimulating and enjoyable.  Alternating different types of activities each week will also inspire a person to remain committed to exercising and this will increase a person’s chances for meeting any health, weight loss and fitness goals that the individual may have.

Those who are in remission from cancer, or even those recently diagnosed, should consult with their physician before beginning a regular exercise routine.  When speaking to a doctor, the individual may consider bringing up exercise ideas such as hiking, walking, yoga, or getting involved in a dance class or an aerobic club.  Each of these types of activities can be stimulating and can also be done with a friend to reap as many rewards as possible.  Having an exercise buddy is also a good way for a person who is physically weak to exercise safely.


  1. Excellent Article! I believe that just like healthy exercise training, the Martial Arts shall be guided in the same direction of healing cancer and promoting health and wellness. Martial Arts should not be practiced to bring upon destruction and violence but rather the opposite, creation and peace.

  2. Thanks a lot for posting about Tao of Freddie's Modern Kung Fu .
    Nice post. keep your blog always updated by new information.

  3. Thanks for this great article. I knew the power of exercise but I never really thought about how it can help heal cancer. How long have you been a medical doctor?

  4. I have personally witnessed martial arts practices drastically improve the emotional lives and health conditions of people with all kinds of auto-immune disorders and nerve damage. I agree with Sifu Freddie, that martial arts are not supposed to be about inciting greater violence in our society. In fact, given what I have witnessed, and the ways I've been trained, I would say that the 'fights' you engage in as a martial artist are battles against illness, debilitation, and various socio-cultural (as well as psychological) disorders, some of them so extremely common as to be accepted by the main as normal. I think we need to remember that Zen Martial Arts were founded by Bodhidharma among Buddhist Monks as a meditative, spiritual, and health practice. Not so they could defend themselves, but so that their bodies and minds would be sound. Yes, the techniques are combat-practical, but the fight in martial arts is metaphorical

    1. Ah Bodhidharma. He is an interesting guy. He was a disciple of Buddha. Yes, he founded Zen according to the new Osho book that I am reading right now. I am glad you brought up that name. Martial Arts were supposed to create a healthier society but apparently the West perverted it just like everything else.


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