Thursday, February 28, 2013

I am the Worst Martial Artist Ever!

Yep, that is the title of my blog for today. I should have posted the video right after I was holding the horse stance but I decided to post it anyway. Well, better late than never right? Anyway, in the video I said doing push ups is not easy is not because it is not easy for me. I am talking about the people who just watch videos on youtube or watch other people doing fitness feats and think they can perform them better. Holding a side kick is easy but for the masses it might be the hardest thing they've ever done! Yes, I am happy to be called a martial artist even if my cousin meant it as a criticism. Calling me a martial artist is like calling the most perfect being on the planet! Telling me that I am the worst martial artist ever is like telling me that I am the least perfect human being on the planet. Okay... You might not think I am the best but at least you call me perfect! Also, I speak against the laziness of the masses. I have been witnessing too much of it and it's making me sick to my stomach. Nonetheless, I am not going to stop developing myself to a high level. I will still workout, still developing myself physically, mentally, and spiritually and nothing can stop a Dragon from growing, especially the couch potatoes like society.


  1. This is a good point, and I think it's worth exploring this phenomena even further, trying to better understand it... because it really is pandemic, the practice of critical spectating. And it's not just the couch potatoes who do it, but as I recently observed with bodybuilders, for instance, there's still an inclination to criticize the techniques of someone who's performing feats of the body they can't do. Another instance occurred with Todai Jun not long ago, where he knocked out like forty pull-ups, and right away someone commented that they were 'kipp-ups' not 'pull-ups.' But I'm betting that commentator couldn't do ten or fifteen kipp-ups even. So what's with this? Is it as simple as that it feeds the ego to be able to accurately criticize someone who's performing a feat that you yourself can't do? That's got to be part of it. But I think there's more to it than that. At the very least, there's also cultural conditioning to engage in this practice, especially in encounters with rectangles (books, televisions, interpretive signs, etc.). A big part of the whole post-secondary experience is learning how to read critically. Why? That's the big question. What function does it serve in this culture, to condition people so greatly toward criticism? Is it meant to keep us from trying to better ourselves? I really wonder

    1. You are asking some good questions! Criticism has been societal language for so many years... I would say even before Christ! Yes, in college students are encourage to read critically. Why? I do not know. They want you to criticize poetry authors while you do not have to write poetry yourself. In society, creativity seems to be outdone by criticism... Why self-development is so discouraged? It is something I want to find out myself.

    2. I notice a lot of terrible comments on people's videos on here, and it does bother me how cruel people are.

      My husband is taking a college course, and I've noticed how they really push critical thinking. They tear apart all of his completed assignments and try to find fault in almost every sentence.

      I think that if you have a business, critical thinking might come in handy there. You could use it to evaluate every little detail to find problems and see what could be improved or changed. In that case, maybe it could be good, but people are crazy about criticizing everything. It takes a lot of the fun out of things that should just be enjoyed and appreciated as they are.

      I sometimes wonder if some of these people have bad self esteem so they want to destroy the confidence of others because they are jealous.

    3. You know you are right about everything here. In college, they want to turn everybody into perfectionists. They will find fault in every sentence: punctuation, verbs, blah blah blah. I can relate to what your husband is going through. Critical thinking can help businesses so they can improve. Furthermore, self-criticism can be beneficial so you can improve yourself as a whole: body, mind, and spirit. But people tend to criticize too much and because of that, it destroys the fun out of a lot of things like dancing, singing, and all that. Games were supposed to be fun but criticism totally corrupt them. Soccer players, basketball players, and football players now feel that they have to prove themselves to these scrubs who are watching them. I think that's really sad.

    4. Yeah it is sad. I get frustrated when people take the fun out of things because they are too critical. People have trouble finding balances in life; they tend to go to one extreme or the other with almost everything.
      I think I tend to be overly critical of myself.

    5. Yeah, the best way to live is balance which is the middle way like Buddha said. It is very hard for us as human beings to live a balanced way. It is easy to go from one extreme to the next which is really unhealthy. Society has been making this mistake since the day it was created.


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