Sunday, February 10, 2013

Update on My Fitness
Hey guys, I just got back from the gym. After witnessing how much
I slack off, something had to be done about it. It is unacceptable to be at this stage
as someone who is striving to become a martial artist. I was supposed to own the whole
gym! Haha. Every exercise was supposed to be child play for me but it was not the case at that time.
But anyway, today I did witness some remarkable improvements. I can actually do 5 one arm
pushups again with each hand. I can perform three handstand pushups. I believe I can hold the
horse stance for about a minute. I work on my abs but I did not get the chance to test myself
on the L-hold nor the situps. Also, I perform some kicks on the cable machine. I am still discovering
ways to work on the kicks but at least I am certain about the side kicks and the hook kicks. I can
perform from 5 to 6 reps on each leg. However, I am still struggling with the front kicks. I don't know how
to perform them exactly on the machines but it's alright. It's not going to take me long enough to figure it out.
I am still amazed how training in the martial arts can spark this sort of creativity in me. When I go to the gym,
I am not following a routine; I just go to the gym and work on what I need to work on. Yes, I workout every
muscle of the body! As we members of FMK know, a martial artist does not leave any muscle group of the body untrained. That's what makes the training total. As far as the bench press is concerned, I can bench press 60 pounds. I know I need to work on it but there is no rush. I will be able to bench press my own weight sooner or later. That's my update for today. I will give you all some updates until next time.



  1. Cool, keep it up one day at a time and be patient, results will show up in time. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good job! I think it could be fun to go to a gym regularly. I'm not usually brave enough to use the machines at a gym. I don't want to hurt myself, and I there are usually guys that strut around like peacocks in those places. I try to avoid them, so I just went to the women's fitness classes when I went to tha gym.

    1. You might be right about that. To be honest, I was a little hesitant on using the cable machines too because men were crowding over it! Therefore, I had to do something else to work out my legs. What also pisses me off is when guys drop the weight so hard on the floor that it becomes so distracting. Yeah, it would be better if you avoid them. What kind of classes you usually take at the gym?

    2. I just noticed my really bad typing on the last message.
      I've gone to classes for Zumba, and there's one that does both cardio kickboxing and strength training that is okay. Normally, I just work out at home.

    3. Yes. Working out at home seems to be most comfortable. You are at your own space...sometimes at your own privacy. Nobody will show off their muscles or do any unnecessary strutting. Do you jump rope?

    4. I got a jump rope after I joined FMK. Before that, it had been a very long time since I had jumped rope. I can't go the full 5 minutes yet without stopping to breathe or tripping, but I'm sure I'll get it with practice.

    5. I jump rope since I joined FMK too, but I still trip sometimes. Another thing is my shoulder hurts a lot when I jump rope even if I placed my hands as low as they should be. Maybe I should work on my shoulder muscles more.


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