Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spontaneous Beauty

Yesterday, I was taking the train to go to school. I encounter a woman who was standing and use the poles to support herself. I would not say that she is so called very attractive. Yes she was pretty cute but according to society, someone who is attractive should be skinny with big breast and big butt. She does not meet these criteria. Furthermore, she was not wearing extravagant clothes. However, I saw a great beauty in her that my mind could not pinpoint at. When she got to sit with me, I told her: "You are beautiful, that's all I want to say to you." Now, I know some people might say: "Are you in love with her?" I am in the sense of seeing her beauty as is but as far as being in a relationship with her, no. Maybe that's what she was thinking when she heard me say something like that. She smiled at first but I notice the discomfort afterwards. My mind kept on wondering: "what's the matter with you? Are you crazy? What is so special about her?" That is the problem of the mind. It is a social phenomenon: it sees beauty only in the body but it is incapable of seeing the beauty as it is; therefore it needs to be dropped otherwise the truth will never come out. 
Later on, when I got to school I could never spot that beauty again. I saw many hot girls walking by but I could not spot any beauty unfortunately. To me, they were all wearing a mask therefore they lack realness. All I see is ugliness in them. Whatever is not real is ugly. I met some women as beautiful as the woman on the train but some of them do not live in New York. Maybe the woman I want to be with is a woman with a spontaneous beauty. Not a beauty hiding behind the mask of society. I ain't got time for these masked women.


  1. You should have told the lady on the train to come train with you in FMK! LOL

    1. Lol. You are cracking me up Shi Zu. Yeah maybe I should have told her that. I finish my assignments for this week by the way. I must warn you that there might be times where I might not train in FMK because school work. In the meantime, I will see if I can get a job on campus because my assignments is too much work for me.

    2. Your assignments are meant to motivate you to get a job to make more money for your time, why work for $1/hr when you can work for $50 an hour? The more money you can make outside of the kwoon, the more you can help support the kwoon. I see that you have some discipline in your training in the kwoon but you need to apply that same discipline into the workforce to make some money, and that is what I need to get better at as well in order to take the kwoon to the next level.


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