Thursday, October 8, 2015

Anger and Violence in Sports

Anger and violence does not belong in sport.  Look at this guy who goes out of control hitting the Gatorade dispenser.  This behavior should be condemned in all sports; it should not be promoted, not in baseball, not in basketball, not in football, not in Boxing, or any other sport.  These people who express this anger and violence in sport should be ejected, suspended, and potentially terminated from the league. 

The difference between sport and violence on the streets is that sport is just a game, you are not supposed to take it too serious, when you get physically violent, then it is not sport anymore, it is not a game anymore, it becomes real violence.  On the streets, you might have some violent angry people who lose a game of basketball and then they end up shooting and killing their opponents over a game. 

What makes the difference between Fighters and Martial Artists is that Fighters don’t have control, they lose their temper, they fight out of anger and violence.  Fighters are essentially individuals who can be so filled with rage that they can end up murdering their opponents if they are not stopped.  Martial Artists have control over their powers.  Martial Artists do not fight out of anger, they are in meditation, they are aware and attentive.  They defend themselves with grace and a sense of calmness.  Martial Artists can choose to stop the offender from causing great bodily harm without using excessive force unless absolute necessary.  Martial Artists do not need people from the outside to stop them from using force, Martial Artists are in control of their own powers and they are intelligent and wise enough to know how much power they should use in any given situation. 

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  1. Yeah man, some people take their game so seriously to the point it gets violent. Instead of playing the game, it seems that the game ends up playing them!


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