Wednesday, October 14, 2015


This is a word that I came across on a Facebook page. It came from a video of Muhammad Ali. In the video he was saying how curious he was about why everything that is black is so evil. It is a very funny video. At the bottom of the video, they called what he was doing was edutainment. Notice "edu" and "enter". Entertainment is basically a way to program you to feel a certain way. It is not part of your being, you are forced to be that certain way. People think when they watch movies, listen to music, or watch comedy shows and commercials they are not being influenced. Well they are... Everything you expose yourself to will affect you whether you feel it or not. We just have to pay attention to how we feel whenever we are exposed to anything. Now when we are talking about edutainment, we are speaking of someone who use media, movies, music, or any form of entertainment to try and bring out your soul. In other words, edutainment is beyond entertainment. There are millions of entertainers but few edutainers. The few edutainers I know are Sifu Freddie Lee, Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee or should I say the three big Lees. Haha. Other ones are Michael Jackson, Malcom X, Martin Luther King Junior, Osho, J Chrishnamurti, Muhammad Ali, Tupac Shakur, Dave Chapelle, George Carlin, even Jet li. The rest of them... I do not even know what to think of them. I feel like they are mostly here to let their talents be exploited for the money and fame. They have no real purpose behind what they are doing. Combat sport fighters are no different. A lot of them believe what they are practicing is real Martial Art when it is not. Do not bother even listen to these guys because they will dumb you down. There is nothing to be educated about when watching these guys fight. The people to really look into in my opinions are the edutainers that I just mention. If you find other edutainers to learn from, I give props to you.

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