Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why I Do Not Like Karate

I am writing this blog to respond to a recent video by Sifu Freddie Lee: "Groundfighting is Not Martial Arts." I agree with him on the points that he makes about BJJ. It is not healthy to do and should not be part of the Martial Arts. Yes it is a way to survive potential threats on the ground but it does not have to be publicized. He also interestingly referred to Bruce Lee about Karate which reminds me of an interview for the role of Kato by Bruce Lee on the Green Hornet. Bruce Lee stated that "Karate and Jiu Jitsu is not the most effective style of combat." When they asked Bruce Lee what he thinks the most effective style is. He said: "It is hard to say the best but I think Kung Fu is pretty good." I do understand that the Japanese Jiu Jitsu has some ground aspect too. Correct me if I am wrong. Now you have this watered down version of the Japanese Jiu Jitsu called BJJ. Bruce Lee himself knows that Jiu Jitsu is not the way. Imagine how he would feel about it today! In my opinion, he would be disgusted by it because he would be way too intelligent to even consider practicing something like that. This is not an activity for real men to participate in. But anyway, I will go back to the topic that I want to talk about.
I do not like Karate simply because of what the name means. It literally means empty hands. So if you are a Martial Artist, why would you fight empty handed? I want to state again that the word Martial means warlike! When a soldier goes to war, does he go empty handed? Of course not because other of his enemies have guns too. So to give yourself an edge, you should at least be able to handle a pistol. If you want to take your gun training further, you may try some assault rifles and possibly a sniper. Otherwise, do not even consider yourself training in the Martial Arts. You might be trained on how to fight unarmed but that is still not Martial Arts. If Bruce Lee lived today, I think he would have still agreed with me because he himself wanted to be in the US Army. To prove my point even further, he himself in the movie asked: "Why can't somebody pull out a 45 and bang settle it?" People do not think about him like that. They see his movies, watch his choreographed fights and tells me that he is the greatest fighter in the world. Jeez, people in the West are so dumb. What makes Karate even not Martial Art is that it is overly Yang. It is just a Japanese version kickboxing basically. There is no balance to it. I am sorry but I cannot qualify that as a Martial Art. Some Japanese Karate masters may get offended by what I wrote, but this is my own opinion. If they want to create a video response against what I wrote, that is their business not mine. They can keep practicing that if they want but I will never see a Karate practitioner as a Martial Artist.

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