Sunday, October 4, 2015

2nd Amendment - Firearms

I would have to agree with Trump on his stance on guns.  It’s not the guns that are the problem, it’s the people.  Police Officers carry guns as well, but why are we dependent on them during times of danger?  It’s because their badge and presence is supposed to represent the good, they are supposed to be our protectors.  But unfortunately they are not always there, and many times it is up to us to protect ourselves.  Taking away our 2nd amendment right to arm ourselves is taking away our right to defend ourselves from senseless violence.

Think about it like this.  Imagine someone went on a killing rampage to run over 9 pedestrians with a motor vehicle, killing 9 people.  This senseless act from this mentally unstable individual should not result in the punishment of all responsible drivers in this nation.  Just because someone owns a motor vehicle it does not make it a threat to the safety of the public.  It’s the driver that is the problem, not the car.  The government can try to make it harder for the mentally unstable person to get a license, but it will really make no difference because he will still find access to a motor vehicle because they are already distributed everywhere.  Placing a ban on guns is already pointless because guns have already been distributed everywhere in America, it’s a wakeup call, it’s too late.  The solution is not to limit the guns being distributed; the solution is to fix the people. 

It is a hidden fact that Police Officers have one of the highest rate of suicides.  That does not mean that we shall disarm Police Officers, that simply means that we need to help Police Officers become mentally healthy. 

If one shooter kills 9 people and then himself, it makes no difference in that and having 10 people jump off a building by suicide due to severe depression.  What are we going to stop building skyscrapers?  No!  The people need to become psychologically healthy, that is the key.  Then the people will be responsible with guns, cars, alcohol, weapons, etc.

Fact is hundreds of murders have occurred in the South Side of Chicago recently.  But those murders don’t make headlines the way this school shooting had made headlines.  All these other murders in Chicago were pretty much done by criminals whom obtained guns illegally.  So you tell me, how is that supposed to be stopped?  These other murderers from Chicago still find a way to get access to firearms.  The difference between gang violence in Chicago and what happened at this college or the church is that in gang violence, it is enemy gangs killing each other due to conflict amongst each other but these campus and church killings are conducted by severely mentally unstable individuals that just want to kill innocent people. 

The people who are mentally unstable need to be treated.  But the sad thing is, nearly everybody is mentally unstable.  So mental health education needs to be implemented in all schools across the nations at all levels and it needs to be implemented in all job sites.  Every single person in this world needs to be reminded daily of how important it is to be mentally healthy.   People need to learn how to take care of their minds.  America is already extremely obese, and they are also mentally sick, it shows by how violent Americans are, it is the people that need to be fixed.


  1. I agree with you. Thanks for sharing. "Guns don't kill people. People kill people."


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