Thursday, October 22, 2015

Progress on my Benchpress

When i first started benching weight i was benching 60lbs. That was like 3yrs ago today i now currently benchpress 130lbs comfortably. I recently benched 160lbs twice got me thinking dang i was so weak back then i know my numbers now aren't that impressive but we all got to start somewhere.


  1. Hey I am impressed though. Keep up the good work. I am actually trying to lift heavier as well. I can squat now about 160 lbs. The bench I believe is about the same as yours. We are all in this together. Don't worry. For us to become a Bruce Lee does not happen overnight!

  2. Going from 60 to 160 is a big jump. Wish I could double my max right now! Bench press is very important for development in my opinion. I mean you can be the best at sparring but if a person cannot bench a decent amount of weight, I quickly lose confidence in that persons ability to truly defend himself in times of great danger, bench press to me represents the persons ability to survive the inside game of fighting,

  3. Nice improvement, keep up the good work!


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