Tuesday, June 23, 2015



I wasn’t going to speak on this topic, it’s not good for business but I decided to say something to provide insight.  This topic is taboo, people don’t want to speak about it and especially at this time, the racial tensions are very high, it looks like it is on the verge of explosion, with all these killings, protests, and news about so many people’s frustrations. 

But the way I see it is that racism will always exist unless there is a spiritual transformation that occurs within the individual, without that, racism will always exist, racism is the mind, racism is the ego, racism is competition.  America thrives on competition, capitalism is competition.  You can’t have capitalism without competition, you cannot be free from racism while retaining the competitive mindset.  Having America be free from racism as a whole is like having America drop capitalism, it’s like having America drop competition, that simply will not happen, America is too powerful to allow that to happen. 

But as an individual, you can free yourself from racism, you can free yourself from competition, you can free yourself from the mentality of stepping over somebody else in order to be on top.  Just recently there was a hugely successful boxing match set up between Mayweather and Pacquiao.  You see how many millions of Americans and people all over the world who were so excited to come together to watch a fight, no these people did not come together to watch two men hug and kiss for an hour, no they came to watch two people fight, two people from different cultures, from different countries, and each person had the one they wanted to win the fight.  This is a direct example of what racism is all about, it is about conflict between two different cultures, conflict between two different countries. 

As soon as a person has pride from his “own” country over another, this is what racism is all about, they call it “nationalism” but nationalism is just another term to hide racism.  When you feel that pride in believing that America is better than Africa, because America is just so much more powerful and full of success, this is the breeding grounds of racism.  Just like the American boxer is seen by some to be so much more powerful and successful than the Filipino boxer, this is the breeding grounds of racism, this is the breeding grounds of “White” power. 

People think they are so much better than the KKK, actually a majority of the people in the America have the KKK mentality.  If you are a competitive person, you have a part of the KKK mentality.  The only way to liberate yourself from the KKK mentality completely is to drop competition, is to drop your identification with the Ego. 

When you watch sports, and you cheer for one team over another, this is the breeding grounds of the racist mentality.  Chicago vs. New York is not too different than the USA vs. Africa or White vs. Black.  As soon as you choose this vs. that, it becomes the breeding grounds towards racism.  If you drop competition, if you no longer see the difference between Chicago and New York, if you no longer see the difference between the US and Africa, if you no longer see the difference between White and Black, if all differences disappear if you see all states as one state, if you see all nations as one nation, if you see all races as one race, then you are free from racism, but if you still see the division, and you still are for or against, if you are still divided.  Then racism will not disappear.  This understanding can only happen on an individual level, as a nation, racism will never disappear, it is too strongly rooted in our culture and upbringing, but as an individual you can make a change, if you change, you have the power to change the world.


  1. Great post. It's a well handled and coherent post on what many people consider a sensitive topic.

  2. The way I see the racism, racism exist as still today, I knew why Martin Luther King Assassinated, Angry Racist person knew that Martin Luther King will make a larger Impact and ended up killed him. Also Racism came from bad Influence too that is evil, I had my friend was racist when he was growing up, realized racist is wrong that he asked himself, why he would waste time with racism. Thing is, If going to be racist, be racist, don't train or influence other people to be racist. I be freestyle rapping about racism later as to attack that in very aggressive way....


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