Sunday, June 14, 2015

New tracks and updates

Hey guys, how’s it going!? I’ve changed my deadlines concerning my music production. It used to be two beats a month minimum but even if most of the times, two beats is not much, some times I need to put time and focus on some tracks so the content have more quality to it. I’m starting to think that quality over quantity matters.

I’ve rebuild my PC with new components, I’ve also bought additional studio equipment to help me deliver the best content I can deliver to you guys and everybody else that has interest in listening to my beats.

I’ve told you a while ago that we we’re shooting a video at the Kick Boxing Club, the montage is finish but we still need ‘The colorist’ to put a final touch to it and he’s really busy. So it might take a while before we release it. But I’ll share it with you as soon at it’s ready.

In my last Skype conversation, I told Freddie, Ben and Hakeem that my mother won at the lottery. She indeed did spin the wheel of fortune and won 25k. It was the smallest amount on the wheel, but a fair amount, my family is happy with this gift coming from ‘Loto Quebec’. My mother gave me some, I used it to rebuild my equipment and to pay the bills and the food. It’s crazy how money is easy to burn. Before I knew how much I was about to received, I was not being in the moment, I was making all kinds of plan and having all kinds of dreams. It was a learning experience.

Concerning this new track I’m releasing, you’ve probably noticed that the title is written in French. Music has no boundaries but I’m French Canadian. My whole family is French Canadian. So from now on, I will name my new music with French titles. It could be subject to change, but not for a while, that’s for certain, I have to give my respect to my roots and to my people.

About the training, everything is going fine! Today while I was doing my road work, I rocked the FMK tank top! I was happy to show the FMK colors right here in Longueuil, Canada. I’m a disciple of ‘Kickboxing Rive-Sud’ but my affiliation with FMK is still on and still breathing in the moment! To everybody at FMK, keep working out hard and in balance!

Your friend; Steve


  1. I still would like to congratulate your mother. Hahaha

  2. Great track man keep up the good work

  3. I always love your work Steve. I too value quality over quantity. I mean, imagine living a really long life into your 90s but being very unhappy all the time. Then imagen living only about 20 years and loving every minute of it. This is a very personal example of the quality vs quantity debate a friend of mine told me. Anyway keep up the qualitative work!

    1. Thanks man! i like the comparison with age, it makes a lot of sense.


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