Saturday, June 13, 2015

Being the Best

This is a response of the video that I just watch from Sifu Freddie Lee on Vimeo. He cracked me up in this video, and I am pretty sure his wife is not going to happy that I support his views on being the best Martial Artist in the World. Hahaha. Anyways, every time I watch his video, I always feel motivated. He is very inspiring, confident, and it is like he is not afraid of anything! People like that is worth paying attention to. He redefines what being the best is, which, to me, is the right definition. Being the best Martial Artist does not mean working hard towards getting a black belt only for a period of time. It means training your body, your mind, and your spirit diligently until you die. It has nothing to do with comparing yourself to others. In other words, being meditative throughout your life is pretty much being the best! As long as you practice what you love without any desire for glory is being the best. You can be the best in anything as long you being meditative. That way, it will have nothing to do with being arrogant or humble or anything like that. You are just being yourself 100%! Few people will ever get to that point. True, some people work hard but they always want to get paid for it or some sort of prize for it. They will never do it for its own sake. What the masses consider to be the best is temporary. For example, they might say Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all times. If you see the reality as it is, he is really not the best. How can you be the best of all times if you are not even playing anymore? It makes no sense at all. Furthermore, they will compare someone like Kobe Bryant to him. The comparison is still nonsense because Kobe Bryant is still playing while Michael Jordan is retired. To compare people or even yourself to people is a great way to make yourself not confident. Freddie Lee considers himself the best because he is not looking to challenge somebody in a fight or anything like that. Some ignorant people would say he is being a pussy. No, he is being smart because in challenging people in a fight is putting your life and the challenger in jeopardy. Martial Art is about optimum health so fighting unnecessarily is not healthy. He expresses his techniques in the healthiest way possible. That is what being a Martial Artist is about. Of course, some people still believe that you need to be in competition fighting to overcome fear of fighting. I am telling you right now; this is the worst lie anybody could tell me. I am not saying that I am a Martial Artist yet, but I sure am not afraid of physical confrontation. Even though I am not as trained as Sifu Freddie Lee, I know that my techniques can still be lethal. This is why I want to avoid fighting at all cost because I do not want to kill anybody. Spiritually, he is doing some work on himself. You can never be spiritual enough. It is a lifetime journey. Who do you know wants to put effort in that area? Almost nobody. So whoever is hating on Sifu Freddie Lee is someone who never woke up to reality before. That person is in a deep coma without even realizing it. I used to avoid being the best because I did not want my ego to get the best of me. Since I watch this video, I am going to work towards being the best of all time!


  1. I couldn't agree more Kang. Thank you for sharing this brilliant post.

  2. Awesome post Kang, this is one of your best posts because you pretty much summarized a 25 min. video in one long paragraph! Now that's efficient!


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