Friday, June 26, 2015

One Moment of Bliss

One Moment of Bliss

I will trade in all experiences for one moment of bliss.  All the money cannot make up for it.  All the fame cannot make up for it.  There is no other purpose in life but to be in bliss.  Can it be possible to be in bliss all day everyday?  Experiencing this bliss alone is beautiful; sharing this bliss with another is even greater. 

The cloud is filled with so much water that it needs to rain.  Some will appreciate the rain, some will not.  The key is finding the individuals who will appreciate this rain, as they accept this water, they become nourished, they can grow into something beautiful like a seed that eventually blossoms to become a flower. 

When the rain comes, some will run indoors because they are afraid of the water, they have yet to learn to appreciate the water.  The water is what gives life.  Everyone will eventually go back to the source, regardless of whether they appreciate it or not, they will inevitably go back to the source.  The cloud rains down because it is overfilled.  There is too much, when there is too much, it needs to be shared.  The sharing is what is the fulfillment. 

The love needs to be shared, this sharing is what provides contentment.  This is the purpose of life for a man of love, to share love.  Not just with one person, not just with a few people, but to share love to the entire world.  Every man, every women, every plant, every tree, every animal, to every living thing in this world. 

Some will reject the love, but that’s ok.  The sun does not get upset when people put on sunblock.  The cloud is not depressed because some people are running indoors.  The sun needs to shine, the cloud needs to rain.  When you are overfilled with love, you must share this love, this is the only contentment. 


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