Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fear & love

I feel that fear is only temporary and that love is eternal. Even an extremely awful fear will be temporary, for it leaves the body when we die. When we die, fear leaves but love remains, it remains in the memories, in the heart of those who remember you. Let’s go a little deeper. When the big bang occurred, all the atoms were splits in billions of billions of tiny bits of what they once were. But forces inside of them drove them to reconnect themselves. Galaxy, black holes, planets, gravity, life... It’s all love, molecular activity occurring, trying to reconnect itself. Other big bang will occur and no matter how far atoms are splits, they will reconnect again. No matter how much life suffers, life will find love and succeed, if it’s not in this world, in others it will. 


  1. Steve, I love everything about this post. You're so right in saying that love is a universal force that binds everything together. It's science really. Molecules are attracted to each other just as people can be. This new track is incredibly COOL in my opinion. It sounds like it was really well made as well. Thank you for producing it. I really like it!

  2. Thanks for your feedback and appreciation! I just finished watching the video on your post on Lawrence Tan, it was interesting, he's a true Martial Artist!


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