Thursday, June 18, 2015

I'm just post my Video of Me Freestyle as to Attack the Garbage Aggressively......

I did things to get off my chest. I had couple criticism from 2 people for that, I was very aggressive by using profanity as to mainly attack the corruption and garbage that I was Inspired by 2pac and Immortal Technique. The way I express my message as I am very aggressive to the Truth. Next freestyle music, is more peaceful expression, sometimes, comedy expression. I'll be change up my tempo of my music, From Peaceful to Middle to Aggressive. Music to me, represent the real Martial Artist as the music of Yin and Yang. Aggressive music got rid of my anger at this moment. I did not say, all the way as for 24/7, as present moment, got rid of my anger as get off my chest. Better than Violence. Also I speak less at this point too. Later, it will come back..

Thing is, I am careful of pace of my music, I can't just rant on my video like Freddie Lee did. I'm just show my combative way as I express myself, fitness training martial arts/hip hop dance,and weapons training as most part. When I rap, real talk that going to be controversial. I am not type of person that stay positive for 24/7 blindly when there are negetivity that the society we live in. I knew that you can't rant about MMA, BJJ and other Garbage any more, just general garbage you rant, thats it. That is sad, its my turn to take a stand for this, If we take a stand for this as we are united, that can change the world.

Reason I'm attacking MMA, today's Hip Hop, Garbage Dance, Overrated and Dickrider Fans because I care about Martial Arts and Hip Hop. MMA and Today's Hip Hop are overrated and over hype. Reason I'm Rapping Freestyle Because the world are not ready for the truth and hypocrites can not handle the truth.

Image thumbnail, Garbage Image Covered......

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