Thursday, July 2, 2015

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I was Inspired by Freddie Lee, Bruce Lee and others but I am not looking for next Bruce Lee 2pac and Freddie Lee, I'm building my own name on YouTube on Freestyle Hip Hop and Martial Arts. On my Training, I had been Weight training. When I was look at you bench press more weight than I do, I don't follow you because I am very honest for my safety, later, slowly, I will progress. In mean time, I got stronger, stability and full range of motion than I am before.Speed in combat sport are overrated. I agree what Freddie Lee said about how to kick or punch faster, I'm going to rap to attack the overrated speed that don't even works. Speed against the gun point, it doesn't work because bullet is way faster than speed of techniques. First, In my opinion, how to kick or punch faster, need strong muscle that had stability and full range of motion, good techniques of take there time like a turtle to build comfortable so we can add speed later in natural way, and need to put weight behind every technique with power. I read book of Bruce Lee's fighting method, speed without power is useless in real combat. Also he said that many martial artist style had speed but no power and power but no speed. What I understand that many of martial artist style are either all yangs and all yins. Bruce Lee as his Jeet Kune Do had a balance of speed of snap and power of thrust as yin and yang. In my experience, It happened to me that I had no balance of yin and yang, I am either all yin or all yang because of all power at first, then overrated speed that I had been listen like listen to media. Finally, I was enlightened that speed of non telegraph techniques and power as put body weight into the target. I had unique way of stretching because even I am had flexibility, my muscle are tight, to loose my muscle, I rolling with a splits. Next is rolling technique that could be good for self protecting, When I was a teenager, I went to water park, I was slip and fell, I ended up rolling techniques and saved me. Without rolling, that would be an injured. Kicking Techniques I did that came from 20 years of taekwondo. I'm also mix with boxing head movement that from Freddie Lee and other boxing movement, Taekwondo or Fencing Footwork and Muay Boran hands movement that I got that from Tony Jaa. My round kick that I believe is rare, A Monkey style roundkick by toes pointed down. I found out that came from Kung Fu that My taekwondo master taught me that kick, who is so rare that someone gave him a nickname is Bruce as american name because he is taekwondo version of Bruce Lee that gave me a positive energy. I support guns as a modern combat, I don't have a guns yet because of need to save up my money to get a guns, I started off training guns then real guns. People out there said I am not response that made me fear of guns, me, I don't have fear of guns, like you said about cows that made me laugh that lions and cows don't understand each other, I am not a cows, I am a lion. Why I put as Tao of Art of No Style because of the way of the freesdom from style, corruptions, politics, rules and other nonsense and I read that book of tao te ching that I'm really relate to that book. Why I put that symbols of yin and yang because of my motivation of balance of hard and soft. Why I put chinese tiger because of on fire or Intense like a lion. Why I put Chinese Dragon because the meaning of real martial artist. I will have tattoo of Chinese Tiger and Dragon with yin and yang on my back later once I got my money saved up.
I talked to Steve Caissy, I had his permission that he let me use his music, I was to special thanks to Steve Caissy that I let know that I am a true FMK support. I am Asian American by the way I am a minority struggle with barely money that need money to survive, not dumb ways to make money to be a sellouts, no way.

I created my own logo as I build my own name................................................


  1. Good insight on training, I also have no fear of owning a gun, i know a lot of people who are afraid of owning weapons, but I I think it's crucial.

  2. Keep training i can see you have a lot of passion for martial arts.


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