Friday, July 24, 2015

Police Murdered Sandra Bland

Police Murdered Sandra Bland

I hold the Police responsible for murdering Sandra Bland.  Regardless of whether or not they actually choked and killed her themselves or because she supposedly hanged herself by suicide.  Fact of the matter is, it is clear that they had abused their authority and were bulling her, causing her an immense amount of emotional distress that had led her to suicide.  It’s like a bully picking on someone weak at school so much to the point that the person ends up committing suicide, the bully is at fault for this abusive treatment. 

The Police have to know where to draw the line, I mean come on, the person failed to signal while making a lane change and now the person is dead because of that!  I can understand if the person just finished robbing a bank and you want to treat the person aggressively and then the person ends up committing suicide because of your aggressive treatment.  But this person simply did not signal during a lane change! 

Even if the person is being disrespectful towards the Officer, the Officer has to know when to let it go.  The Officer should have just let her off with a warning and be on his way, but no, it hurt his ego too much to allow a black woman to disrespect him and refuse to listen to his orders.  All over failing to signal during a lane change.  I can understand, if this person is a known felon, if this person has a violent history, then yes, the Officer must make sure that his orders and directions are followed, otherwise he will impose force to make sure his orders are followed.  But this is a female that is not a felon, that did not commit any serious crime, but as an Officer, he was just bullying her, physically and mentally, to the point where emotionally she could not handle it any longer and ended up committing suicide. 

Imagine sitting in jail for 3 days after being physically abused by the Police because you failed to signal during a lane change!  She probably was so angry that she did not know who to hurt other than herself.  Killing herself was her way of saying “Fuck the Police!”  She took her life to make a strong statement.  Would the Police treat her the same way if she was a White lady driving a Mercedes?

The Police forcing her out of her car, throwing her on the ground, putting their knees against her back and arresting her, and then abusing her verbally and physically to the point of her committing suicide over a failure to signal during a lane change, is like a Police Officer pulling a gun out at me ready to shoot and kill me because I killed a mosquito!  I refuse to put my hands up upon demand and then they go ahead and shoot me, because I killed a mosquito! 

They wanted to tase her because she refused to get out of the car, I mean, really, over a failure to signal during a lane change! These Officers egos are just way too big, they don’t know what the hell they are doing.  Just like that other Officer that pulled his gun out during the teenager pool party.  I mean really, you feel so threatened for your life from a bunch of young teenagers that you feel the need to pull your gun out and then drag a little teenage girl to the ground.  I guess when it comes to black people, the Police are just always on high alert, ready to shoot, ready to kill.  And then we have those Officers that shot and killed a Hispanic man standing in front of his bicycle with his friends.  He dropped his hands on a few occasions and that cost him his life.  I mean really, you can’t find another way to gain control of someone other than to kill him?  The Officers could have easily tased him or even pepper sprayed him or even used a baton on him but no, they just shot and killed him, like his life was nothing, like killing a dog that won’t stop barking. It’s very disappointing to see this sort of Police corruption, it’s really sad.

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