Monday, July 13, 2015

Im back


  1. Well i did have a whole paragraph about what i been up to lmbo. If you have any questions just ask

  2. I'm really glad to see you back icybeer! I've missed your posts. As for a question, what sort of training have you been doing during your absence?

  3. Mostly weight lifting, and i been doing conditioning as well, such as shins, forarms, palms, fist. Im making progress but it requires much patience. I able to break pallet wood or crate boards about inch thick i also broke cement slabs. What i eventually want to break are patio bricks and coconuts. As for combative techniques i havent really been practicing much so i recently been hitting the bob dummy with kicks elbows punches knees ect. Ive been really busy past 1yr and half sorting things out so most of the training has been on hold, but now things are looking up so im trying to catch up for all that time missed training


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