Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Check Me Out on Art of No Style Training 2..

Part 2 of the Art of No Style Training. There are more of Fitness Training as my upgraded in a natural way. Squats 185 lbs, 30 push ups with strength, stability and full range of of motion. That were speed come from as perform the techniques, strength, stability and full range of motion. Also ab wheel in a mid level that I'm at right now, I am not ready for expert level yet but I will as I get stronger and stronger. Far as bench press, I still bench press 145 lbs but with 155 lbs are coming soon. The weapon training I did but guns are coming soon. I did nunchuck and knife. Nunchucks I did are inspired by Bruce Lee and Freddie Lee but I created my own. Knife Combat Training that I was inspired by Filipino Knife Fighting and Ninja, the art of the stealth that I found out that Chinese Warrior Monk at Japan, taught an ex samurai the art of stealth that is used from Sun Tzu's teaching as from the Art Of War. An ex samurai used the Art of Stealth instead of the Art of War because that already labeled. I am Japanese American but I am Ninja as the Art of Stealth inside of me and the Art of Piece inspired by Ushiba as a balance of Yin and Yang. I am not a Samurai or Feudal of Army inside of me. Last is Punching Technique that inspired by Boxing as mix of Mike Tyson as known of hard body punches and Floyd Mayweather of Jab and Cross as a balnce of Yin is like Mayweather and Yang as from Mike Tyson. At first, I punch with boxing gloves, later I punch the heavy with bare hands as a training to use in real combat that prevent from broken hands. I used the music that is not from Steve Caissy but later in video, I will use Steve Caissy, I used other music that I had passion.


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  2. It's obvious in your writing and in your video that you have done a considerable amount of research. You have taken your findings and used them as inspiration for your own expression. When you use the Nunchucku, it looks as if it were an extension of your body, which is also very loose and supple. This is very admirable. I also really like your technique at 5:12. I've never seen that combination before. Thumbs up for your individual creativity! Keep up the dedicated work! :)

  3. Keep up the good work. I agree with Ben, your combo at 5:12 is nice. The music you chose for your video is nice also.


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