Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Maintaining a Perspective

I found these two videos to be intriguing and rather eye opening. What about you?


  1. Interesting videos indeed! I knew about most of the content but i didn't know the exact numbers and such. It was well presented. Now the question remaining is what can we do to help the poor. Sign petitions, protest, give money and help the community would be a fair answer but most of us doesn't do it. I don't do it much, i sign a bunch of petitions but i give more to my entourage, family and friends rather than foreign people i don't know. I will in time give to some in need when i'll have more money. But, you know, even 10 $ a month would be good. Yeah, i think 10$ a month should be my contribution from now on.

    1. You are coming from the purity of your heart Steve. However, I do not believe giving money to those who have none is the answer, or at least a long term answer. Empowerment is the key. The poor need to be empowered to make the changes in their own lives. I see that education is the key to helping individuals make changes in their own lives. By educating people, they are receiving the gift of independence. By constantly giving them only money would actually be a disservice to them because they then become dependent on who ever gives out the money.

      In the past, aid organisations from wealthy countries like the Salvation Army have gone to communities in poor countries and supplied them with food and shelter. This created new problems, dependency problems. A generation would grow up receiving something for nothing. Aid organisations can't keep this up forever. So instead of giving these communities what they need to survive, they should be taught/educated about how to survive. Instead of building their shelter, they should be taught/educated about how to build shelter. Instead of giving them vegetables, they should be given seeds so they can grow their own vegetables. This is what I've been learning in a class of mine called Health and Human Development.

      I'm sorry if this response to your comment seems in any way argumentative or aggressive. My response is more focused on poverty from a global perspective and I'm not trying to undermine what you have written. I'm just sharing a different perspective on the issue. As I said, you are coming from the purity of your heart my friend. :-)

    2. I don't think your answer is aggresive, i think it makes a lot of sense. It makes me rethink about my thing about 10$ a month. They indeed need the education instead of just money. I've received welfare for years and i've became dependant on it. But i've used and i keep on using this time to educate myself, so one day i don't need government assistance. That is my next big step in my life, getting independant with my money, not depending on a services, working for it, I see a correlation between your example and a part of my life, and your example is nice, thanks man for this nice answer.

  2. I liked that 2nd video, it was interesting.


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