Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hulk Hogan Racist Rant

Hulk Hogan Racist Rant

Racism is in your blood, that cannot be changed.  What you said is completely unacceptable.  What you said is the KKK blood within you, is the Hitler blood in you.  You cannot be cured; you’re like an old dog that cannot learn anything new.  The only reason you or your daughter is sorry is because you are sorry that you lost your fame and that your reputation has been severely damaged.  There’s no turning back, what is done is done, like Lance Armstrong, you have been exposed.  You are a fake.  You should have never been famous from the beginning, you should have never been idolized, you should have never become rich.  You should be thankful that you’ve been rich and famous for so long before being exposed.  You are just like a Lance Armstrong. 

Things about certain people cannot be changed.  A black person cannot not be black. He can try to be white all he wants, but it is in his nature to be black.  I stand against corruption in this world, that cannot be changed, it is in my blood, I can pretend to be a follower, but it is not in my nature.  A person that is gay cannot be forced to be heterosexual.  People are who they are.  A person with a racist heart, will forever be racist within, he cannot be changed.  He is genetically engineered to be racist.  He is genetically engineered to feel superior over all other races. 

Some people may say that it started from birth, the education, the media, etc.  I say that it has started way before birth.  Some people are born to feel superior; it is in their nature to be this way.  They cannot be re-educated to be nonracist, all re-education will be false, it will be a false mask.  Some people are born to be humble, others are born to be arrogant.  The nature from within cannot be changed, it can only be masked, covered up. 

There are people out there that are truly racist in the heart, nothing can be done.  With these individuals, separation is better than integration.  It’s like mixing in bad blood with good blood, mixing the bad with the good will ruin the good.  We have jails for a reason, we do not just allow mass murderers to integrate into civilization like they are regular people, no, they are locked away in prison cells because they are not meant to be integrated into society.  Any attempts in integrating them with society will jeopardize the health, safety, and wellness of the people. 

The hidden KKK members of society are severely damaging the people.  They are turning the people against one another, they are encouraging violence, death, and negativity.  Once these KKK members are identified, they need to be separated from the masses.  They cannot be put into positions of power.  They cannot be allowed to become Police Officers, Teachers, Entertainers, Lawyers, Doctors, Judges, etc.  Putting a KKK member into a position of power will further corrupt the people, will further spread the hatred and violence of society.  They must be separated from the masses. 

Like a person that has a deadly virus, the person must be separated and isolated.  He should not be allowed to be in contact with the masses to spread the disease.  Those with the naturally born racist heart cannot be cured, it is in their nature to be racist, it cannot be changed. 

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  1. Yeah they can take his fame all they want from him but a racist will remain a racist. I am not against what the WWE did against him but even if he apologized, I will not forget what he did. What is done is done, you cannot erase that.


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