Sunday, June 2, 2013

Constant Renaissance

We are in constant renaissance. In each breath, each steps, each efforts we are constantly changing. And it's up to us to choose if we're going into a contructive renaissance or a destructive one. I choose a constructive one, one where positivity surrounds myself, one where i'm build to last even in a negative environment. Evolution, i'm not talking about technological advancement, i'm talking about natural evolution. One we can reach through efforts, love and compassion. Everyday is a new opportunity to go through that direction. And i'm happy to be an associate of FMK which is an embodiment of positive renaissance. Today like yesterday and the day before yesterday and so on i've been living that constructive renaissance and it brought a lot into my life. A lot of people makes materialistic changes through the years, i made inner changes instead, because this is where truth lies; inside. And as long as FMK represents the real, i'll be it's affiliate, whether it be in translating Freddie's work or participating in other projects in the futur, i'll be there. Not being a Todaï is a personal decision i took, but this don't mean i can't help FMK in any means. In the army you got soldiers, but the soldiers and the commander alone can't win the war on their own, there are other jobs to be fulfil in the army, all kinds of jobs and the quality of all these efforts combine will make an army effective. So let's make FMK effective each and everyday by doing our parts, whatever the kind of job we do. Long live the constant renaissance within FMK.


  1. I really like your online presence on this blog. You're doing your part by sharing with us your life experiences. And you're right about the whole army analogy. FMK really does need all the help it can get, every little bit counts and makes a big difference.

  2. I appreciate this idea of constant renaissance, or always becoming, and never 'being'... at least in the static sense

    1. I saw recently a video in which they was saying that our cells(or something like that, i don't remember)are constantly changing and that it takes around 5 years to be completly renewed. It made me think about this concept of renaissance. I really like this idea too!


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