Sunday, June 2, 2013

God and Kung Fu

More often than you'd think, I get approached by both christians and non-christians alike who say, "You can't practice martial arts and still be a christian" or "Its dangerous to your faith to subject yourself to something that is potentially the occult". To these people I would as graciously as possible correct them on just how wrong they are. Martial arts is more than a philosophy, more than a bunch of ways to hurt someone and more than what the media would portray it to be. It is a life style. A philosophical and physical approach to life with a spiritual backdrop. Most who practice kung fu will say that their power comes from their training or from within via their chi. Most Christians fail to realize that by removing that aspect of martial arts and applying what has already been done with the Israelites in the old testament that kung fu and martial arts as a whole is actually biblical! Fellow believing and non-believing todai, please understand me when I say this, with the strength of Him who commands us, we can move mountains with but a word, take on countless enemies with just the jaw bone of a donkey, bring a city to its knees by simply walking around its borders. God created all that we know and see, and He created martial arts too! What some seem to forget is that God Himself is a warrior! He has fought, died and won a victory for our very souls and it is by His strength and His grace that I am still here today. He created the water that we compare our flow to. He gave us breath to breathe and control so that our techniques can be precise and efficient. It is Jesus who first teaches that it is better to talk with and love your enemy than to engage him or exact revenge. My power comes not from any small effort that I can muster but from the infinite Almighty. Its not some religious saying that makes any christian valid. It is through our relationship with God and Jesus acting as the bridge with the Holy Spirit moving in us and through us that we are being made anew from within. Now if that is not an example of internal kung fu that has external ramifications, I don't know what is lol. A bit off topic but I feel that this needs to be adressed, for my fellow non-believing todai, this video of spoken word explains what I believe. Not in religion, but in Jesus.


  1. Those people who say these things about Martial Arts really do not have any idea what they are talking about. I wanna ask them a question: "how is Martial Arts not from God if the Martial Arts promote the integration of the Body, Mind, and Spirit?"

  2. Greetings Friends of Whom I hope to meet soon! Great insight and words of wisdom with truth presented. As one who works in law enforcement I subscribe to RADICAL EVANGILISM! I liken martial arts as but a way of life in that one is to think at all times. Again, much positive insight has been provided through this post and I hope to have the honor of training through FMK and being able to befriend you soon.


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