Friday, June 7, 2013

My Training Progress

Hello everyone. It is nice to see that new post are being made. I have not post anything for a while but today I decided to post some of the videos on my training. If you are watching the Vertical Jump Certification video, notice that I got a bit upset that I threw the tape violently away. If you find this funny, I can understand. I laughed at myself afterwards too. Lol. Anyway, I also wanted to post a video on the CLF form too. Of course I went further than where I needed too. I am pretty Shi Zu is going to notice minor mistakes but I need to make these mistakes in order to grow. If I went further, I want to apologize a bit. I guess I was rushing a bit too much.
This is the video of the vertical jump:
There goes also my CLF Form Progress:
I hope everyone enjoys and have a good laugh at me for being angry.


  1. I finally got to watch your angry video! I had seen this post the other day, but I didn't get a chance to watch it until just now.
    It looks like you're doing really good on the CLF. You've gotten really far on it.

    1. Thanks. I just got impatient with the tape. That's why I was kind of angry. As for the CLF is concerned I may be able to get that but I am sure if Shi Zu is going to be happy about it. I think I got further than where I should be. I don't know. How far can you get in this form?

    2. Yeah. I liked your comment about dealing with anger at the end of the video.
      I'm still working on perfecting the backfist powerhook moves. I think I mostly have them, and I know some of the basics that come after that, I just want to get it better before I try it on a video.

    3. I also appreciate your comments on anger, Kang. My last post was about my own negative emotions...which makes me wonder about the role emotions play n driving and controlling us.

    4. Yeah I saw the post. I like it. These emotions never seem to be rid of us are they?

    5. I'm actually reading a book right now that's talking about how to use emotions to fuel creativity, specifically anger.
      The book is called Walking in This World by Julia Cameron. It is a sequel to her book The Artist's Way.
      It basically says that we can use anger as fuel to either fix the situation, or use it as creative energy and create something.
      I guess we can use emotional energy to create drama and negative things, or we can use it as fuel to paint, draw, make music, or even put creativity into regular life.
      I want to learn more about this, and maybe it could help my kids to avoid some problems.
      For me, I think that emotions get more complicated when it involves frustration, resentment, discouragement, and maybe jealousy. I know that sadness, happiness, and anger are easily seen in some artwork and music.

    6. You are right. Anger doesn't always have to be used in a negative way. So there is beauty in it. When you mentioned a book like that, it makes me feel that I should be more open to other authors. They can teach us a lot about ourselves.


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