Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tips concerning the training when sick

Being sick is not a reason to skip workouts. It's a reason to do it. Now if you're crawling on the floor just to go take a pee, you might need to chill a little bit. And even if your crawling, you could use crawling for your workouts, or turn yourself on your back and do sit-ups or whatever move your body can handle. When being sick (i am right now), my main key is to just drop the intensity. Keep doing all what your suppose to do in terms of sets or whatever but drop the reps or the intensity. Have fun with it but do it and put a good amount of efforts, don't forget it's still a workout. Training helps for recovery. So stay in shape, eat good and read, have a nice week!


  1. That's right. The best way to heal from a disease is to accept it. Do not whine about it otherwise it will get worse.

  2. Very rare do I even want to call off work when sick. Let alone call off working out. So when I do, you know I'm dying!


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