Saturday, June 1, 2013

Philosia: Heaven and Hell in Earth

Knocked down from a fight... Being Turned down on a job... College application rejection... ETC that turned anyone down.,.

Anyone could destroy a person's life right now but not everyone has the guts to do it. See the picture? Perhaps too negative.

Everyone follow their parents and keep themselves away from trouble but not everyone has been pleased by their parents. See the picture yet?

Everyone might disagree, some might. These "some" can get the gold. These some could retire early. These some will be loved... TOO MUCH.

A man started from a MVP high school player, to a fat rapper which his lyrics shows propaganda against "fake b****** and...(forget about it)" This man can be successful by now since he is promoting against the bad girls and guys, but the ratings are down in the website where he uploaded his beats. It's just sad that no one wants to accept some qoute in the lyrics that "...NO ONE GIVE A FUCK..." He is just a man who lived in his mother's house, and works as a cashier to some restaurant. Yeah, mother's house. You heard me. Well, you should hear how she cries everytime he gets in jail. You should get it by now.

Another man was dumped by his girlfriend, yet he does nothing about it. He does something alternative other than winning her back. He was an underclassmen therefore he got time to catch up with grades, get scholarships, go to Harvard or something that offers some good sh**. The aforementioned fat man made a song that technically called him out. The fat man called this hardworker and crime free man a "fake". He is now in the Ivies, his ex girl went through a lot in juvies. Warning this dude is also a mommas boy. He gave her love letters, not calls of misery. She said I'll miss you in four to five years if you know what she means. "No one gives a fuck they say..." then he said in praise "THANK GOD THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT DUMB ENOUGH TO NOT TO LIVE ON WHAT THEY PREACH."

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