Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Important Upate for Todai's

Update on Rules & Policies

Those of us who are new to FMK may not be familiar with the Rules and Policies of FMK.  I have made the rules and policies public on the website under the tab "Todai's."  Please make sure you read through the rules and policies and stay updated and informed.  Ask me questions if you have any.  But these are the general guidelines that need to be followed in order for this kwoon to run efficiently and you must understand them.

Open Gym

To encourage Todai’s to progress more rapidly, open gym is available for all Todai’s who are current with their monthly dues.


There is a new link under the "Todai" tab labeled "Library."  The library is available for all Todai's interested in borrowing books, movies, & XBOX 360 games.  A deposit must be made, once the item is returned, your deposit will be returned.  If you are interested in gaining access to the library let me know. 


  1. It's good to see the open gym and library starting up. Reminds me, I should make some use of my local library for fulfilling my lit-review objectives

  2. Just bought 3 new Osho books ... and thought it would be nice be nice to live next to the kwoon ;)
    Hoping many people will benefit from this ooportunity !


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