Friday, October 5, 2012

The importance of being on time & punctual

The Police Officer was the fittest Officer on the force.  He possessed superhuman strength.  He was able to perform superhuman fitness feats that nobody was able to perform.  He was able bench press 3 times his weight.  He was able to perform 100 consecutive pull ups.  His mile run was just under 3 min.  Everybody was so amazed of his physical abilities.

Not only was he physically elite beyond most humans, but upon joining the force, he possessed 2 Ph.D’s.  He had the educational background to be a judge, doctor, and scientist.  He seemed to be the perfect human being for the force. 

But the only problem for the Police Chief was that he was always late to work & sometimes he just didn’t show up to work.  But the Police Chief cut him many breaks and would hide his flaws from his fellow colleagues because of his special abilities.  The Police Chief did not want to lose such valuable talent from the force.  The Chief did not want to give up this amazing elite human being to another Police Force. 

A couple of years went by and everything was running smoothly.   The superhuman Officer still seemed to be the perfect Officer aside from his tardiness.  But one day on 9/11/3000 many Officers had scheduled the same day off & usually there are at least over 10 Officers on duty, but this day particular day, it was only the superhuman Officer on duty and 5 other Officers. 

A bank robbery occurred with 5 armed offenders.  The 5 officers showed up on scene immediately & went into the bank to challenge the 5 armed offenders; the offenders dropped their firearms to surrender.  The Officers were relieved that they had the situation under control, until an additional offender who was the lookout came into the bank heavily armed and caught all 5 officers by surprise, he killed all the Officers and civilians within the bank and all 6 offenders got away. 

The superhuman officer was always known to be tardy; everyone accepted it, all the Officers and even the Police Chief.  The superhuman officer did not charge his battery on his radio and did not even know about the call.  The superhuman officer was in the bathroom during the entire incident that all happened in under 3 minutes.  The superhuman officer thought it was just another routine slow day at work.  He drove back to the department to find out from the Police Chief and news reporters that his 5 fellow colleagues and 20 civilians were all slain in the bank just 10 min. ago. 

You can be the most talented Martial Artist or Police Officer in the world.  But if you are not on time, if you are not where you are supposed to be when you say you will be there, then what is the point?  Everybody is so concentrated on who is the fastest, who is the strongest, who is the most flexible, etc.  But it’s not just about that, being on time, being a sincere person within that will be somewhere when he says he will be there, is just as important, if not more important.  We shall not underestimate the importance of being on time and punctual. 

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  1. Wow. This story already tells me that I need to manage my time better! I have problems with being on time since forever. I might need some help for that.


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