Monday, October 22, 2012

Training in the forest

First I’d like to salute all the FMK Todais and congratulate Shi Zu and his wife for their newborn ! I wish Ken Zen Lee happiness and luck in his life !

Closeness with nature
Today was a rest day, and on this Sunday morning, as very often in the last few weeks, I decided to head to the woods. The place where I live is surrounded by a forest, not very far from a very large natural domain. My mother began working for this organization which specializes in the environment and preservation of the forest, a job that I highly encouraged her to take. As a reward, she was able to give me various maps that can be used for bike rides or hiking.
A balanced way to train
Encouraged by FMK and especially Ryan videos, I decided to give a shot to those long walks in nature, with which I was already familiar, having spent countless hours walking with my grandfather on Brittany’s coast. Everytime I go to the woods, I discover new ways and natural facilities to challenge my body! And I have to say that having joined a gym recently, these escapades in the forest are a great way to find a balance. It was also the occasion to read the celebrated book by Henry David Thoreau : “Walden or life in the woods”. His work “civil disobedience” is a masterpiece too.

First, I tried to take videos of the tracks that I use to reach my training spots, which are full of rivers, natural obstacles and beautiful landscapes. But the camera couldn’t catch one per cent of the feelings you can get when you’re here, plus It is shaking a lot.

Then, a little warm up after I arrived to the first specific place where I train.

Then natural use of the surrounding elements to develop power, grip… from rocks to logs, I find new things every time! It was also the occasion to use the nunchakus and practice a little bit of the CLF form. You can also hear gun shots as it was a hunting day.

And finally a short video on the way back.

Establishing a close bound with nature
Having started to go for long, consistent walks in the woods, I can only highlight the benefits of such experience, whether alone or with our close friends or family. The only regret I have is to meet so few people out there, except for men hunting. I have to say that I am still divided on the subject, even though I understand the ecological aspect of it (limiting the number of animals in the forest) and even though we share the love for nature, I suppose I would not enjoy it so much if I had to kill animals. To develop, I would say that long walks remind us that we are part of nature, which makes us humble again. To me, using this atmosphere to kill animals makes you lose this benefit.
Even though the videos don’t have the quality they deserved, I hope that I could give you an insight of my present workouts and progress towards a greater freedom.

Todai Ling


  1. Thank you for sharing! Are you able to paste the videos onto the blog so that it can be streamed? This will make is much easier for viewing.

    1. Dear Shi Zu, I have changed to direct links, but I haven't been able to insert the videos since my YouTube account is in direct link with my TodaiLing google account. Looks like they don't want people to have several google accounts^^

    2. I understand, I didn't realize that was the problem, but the direct links is definately a lot better than the cut and paste link method. Thank you for staying active on this blog and letting us all know how things are going on your end.

  2. Nice to see the French forest. Still pretty green there. I have a few thoughts regarding the rewards of spiritual training in the forest, and the hunting issue. I'll perhaps record something. We're getting our first blizzard of the season here right now. Should make for sow interesting training tomorrow

    1. Dear Ryan,
      I would sincerely like to hear your thoughts about hunting, since I am still trying to analyze this subject those days.


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