Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Moonlight Madness

Wow, so it turns out that quitting smoking is an even more daunting psychological challenge than I anticipated. As I write this post, I’ve completed a full week without any nicotine of any sort. And after day four, I’ve kept thinking, “Tomorrow’s going to be the first day I won’t be troubled by the absence of cigarettes.” But that’s not happening. The torture continues unabated. I know it has to go away at some point, so I’ll just keep struggling along. Here’s a look at my thoughts come Morning Six…

This cessation has really affected my training regime as well, especially sleep. I’ve been getting up at all kinds of crazy early hours, certain that it’s time to get in some cardio training. Last night, I finally indulged this sensation with a visit to the park about three hours before dawn…

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