Thursday, October 11, 2012

Update for Sidai's

All Sidai's I want you to start working on the leg raises in addition to all the maintainence training we have been doing.  In the future, I want to add in the leg raises as a required exercise for rank, but I will not do so until all current Sidai's are able to fulfill the standards.  Right now it is listed as a supplemental exercise.  Take a look at this link:
To determine what is expected for your age and gender.  I think it is an excellent exercise to add onto the list that does not require much equipment and can be easily measured like the pull up. 


  1. Excellent... I'll give this a shot tonight, record the effort, and let you know whether I think 9 is an adequate black rank standard for my age. Haha! Looks easy enough, but I'll probably be eating those words. I managed to do 10 very clean pull-ups while holding a leg raise between L and V this morning. I usually can only do about seven or eight of those, so there's some improvement, and I might try to reproduce that on video as well. I think something that's helped was a few days ago, I practiced at the playground jumping from a high perch downward, and catching myself with rings, moving directly into pull-ups. It made one of the muscles in the back of my arm really sore, maybe the brachialis (makes sense with the swinging), and for the next couple days my pull-ups were terrible, I couldn't do nearly as many as usual. Then this morning, I'm surprising myself. Have yet to test how many I can do without the raised legs now that whatever muscle that is seems to have been properly worked. I should test that too, tonight or tomorrow

    Also, I just took a look through the main FMK site for the first time in about a month or so. I didn't recall reading your personal profile before, but the video on there is awesome. I might send you some stuff at the end of the month to tinker with mine a bit

    1. That's awesome about the pull ups. Yes, just let me know what you want to put on your profile to up it up. I just finished watching your leg raise video. Try it again, but this time, keep the knees completely straight, see if that makes a difference. And let me know how many you can do.

    2. I just went down in the basement and made two more attempts, where I can hang from the wooden rafters and not be so close to the ground. I'm processing the video now and will post it as soon as it's up on YouTube. But just watching it in review, I can see that while my legs were quite a bit straighter than on the first attempt, they're still not perfect. You can take a look when the video's up. I was able to do nine on both of these attempts, but am confident with maybe a week or two of work I could have it up to equal that of my pull-ups, which are currently maxing at 16

  2. Here is a new challenge, that's great !
    It's been one month in the gym, working on bench press
    and squat techniques, and here is some more homework to do.
    I'll try to keep up with you ;)
    Hope everyone is training well !
    Todai ling

    1. Keep up the good work in your training. If you can train and live over here by the kwoon someday, that would be great. I got the woodlock oil in stock now, I have the book, and I have your tanktop ready for you, let me know when you are ready to order. I think the woodlock will work wonders for your elbow, it has helped me in much since I have started using it again.


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