Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kwoon Records & Competition

With the new creation of "Kwoon Records," I wish to share with you my thoughts.  I do not wish to bring unhealthy competition or negative energy into this kwoon in anyway.  Kwoon Records is simply a more formalized and structured way for me to gauge my individual progress in my physical development.  It is a fun way of self-development that is not meant to be competitive. 

For some it may be a discouragement, for some it may be a demotivation, for others it can encourage them to reach high levels of development.  Being a Todai of FMK, you have the freedom to choose which option is best for your individual development.  You can choose to participate in the Kwoon Records, you can choose not to, or you can develop your own training journal to mark your own individual progress on the exercises of which you aim to develop yourself in. 

Those who wish to participate simply have to notify me that they would like to be tested for a certain exercise, if they are able to obtain a higher standard in the exercise, then they will be the record holder based on my evaluation.  Todai's online simply have to submit their videos of the exercises that they wish to be tested in.  Kwoon records is meant to be a fun healthy way of motivation to reach high levels of development.  It is not meant to encourage pride, ego, jealousy, envy, and unhealthy competition.


  1. I think the Kwoon Records is a great idea, and are not likely to generate a lot of competition, because of their long-term nature. And if eventually I'm able to set any of the established records a little higher, then I'll submit video. At the same time, I think it's important (for myself anyway) to start keeping a better record of my training, including my personal bests, that will help motivate and guide various improvements. These personal bests I might start adding to my profile page on the FMK site, alongside the annual fitness test scores, much as you've done on your profile page, Sifu

    1. I think having personal bests is a good idea for everybody to practice, but it has to be their own motivation to keep track. It is very interesting to me to see what the human body is capable of through hardwork and effort free from artificial enhancements such as steriods and other muscle enhancing drugs. It will be great to see how the Kwoon Records progress in FMK, it will be interesting to see that when the little ones get older in age if they will be able to train thier bodies to exceed the standards that have been established. I like how a lot of these exercises can be performed and measured without the need of meeting directly, this allows us to gauge, measure, and standardize tests that will provide healthy challenges for each generation to come.


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