Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kwoon Records

I have created a new page under "Todai's" labeled "Kwoon Records." 
This will be a list of various exercises indicating whom within the kwoon has achieved the highest overall standards for each exercise.  The list is comprised of as much of a balance as I could think of.  I see it as a healthy way to challenge ourselves to reach high levels on the physical aspect of this art that does not involve hurting one another.  We shall aim to develop our whole body to its highest potential in a healthy and safe manner. 

Online Todai's whom are able to break a certain record, submit your video for review. 
These are the records so far.  As I come up with more exercises, they will be added to the list.  If you have any exercise sugguestions, let me know.  Thank you.
Kwoon Records

  1. Max Bench Press – 225 lbs 9 Reps (Sifu Lee)
  2. Bench Press your weight – 30 Reps (Sifu Lee)
  3. Max Squat – 185 lbs 20 Reps (Sifu Lee)
  4. Squat your weight in 1 min.-
  5. Pull ups or Chin ups – 45 Reps (Sifu Lee)
  6. Dips – 52 Reps (Sifu Lee)
  7. Rack Pushups – 7 Reps (Sifu Lee)
  8. Vertical Jump – 27 inches (Sidai Ping)
  9. Middle Split – Todai Ai
  10. Front Split – Todai Kiew
  11. Power Twister – 92 Reps (Sifu Lee)
  12. Leg Raises – 30 Reps (Sifu Lee)
  13. Standing Ab wheel -
  14. Wrist Roller – 2 Reps (Sifu Lee)
  15. Hand Grip -
  16. Arm Wrestle – Left (Sidai Shunyuan) Right (Sifu Lee)
  17. Mercy – Sifu Lee
  18. Lat Raises -
  19. Front Raises -
  20. Max Bicep Curls -
  21. Bicep Curl half your weight -
  22. Max Military Press -
  23. Military Press your own weight –


  1. Tried twice to do the standing ab wheel, which I have done with fair ease not so long ago, and found myself belly to the floor and unable to retract both times. I'm going to blame it on my sore lower abdominals, due to over-doing it with leg lifts (true story), but really... not even one? I will try to make this board for something eventually. We'll see. Fun, in any case.

    Btw... I'm assuming by now congratulations are in order for the newest member of the Lee family :)

  2. Dear Shi Zu, congratulations for the birth of you son !
    To Ryan : Ab Wheels are extremely difficult indeed.
    I tried it at the gym last saturday and many people decided to try and fell right on the mats !
    Rounding your upper back may help a lot ;)
    Enjoy the training, ab wheel gives a feeling I like a lot.
    Todai ling


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