Monday, October 29, 2012

A Weekend At 7 Below

Ah yes... the start of winter. So I hear the temperatures are still fairly comfortable in Chicago? Haha! I considered it 'warm' here today when, during the afternoon, while my wife and I were walking at our pond and encountering tundra swans, the thermometer rose to zero. Some day I envision an FMK fieldtrip to Alberta for a winter training seminar, where you know you're REALLY working out hard if you can get by with a mere tank-top! Lol

I'm enjoying all the videos from the kwoon, and the very welcomed Ken Zen.  I wasn't planning to post again this weekend, but was informed that my horse-stance hold was setting the initial Kwoon Record at 1min 14sec...

I expect it to be broken within a day or two, because it's only a first attempt. But this is one of the records I want to work on building up, because I've seen what the rooting and leg-strength from horse stance practice can equate to in a real-life fighting scenario. Plus, you know, it's good for old men. I also moved my heavy bag this weekend from the basement to the open air, and passed about forty minutes yesterday morning practicing CLF power at 7 degrees below zero, and loving it...

The little tool I bought to hang the heavy bag from is produced by Everlast, and is called the Elite Universal Heavy Bag Hanger. It costs about $15 in Canada, probably less down south, and is well worth the small investment...


  1. Wow! Just saw you guys' video response to the horse-stance hold. Absolutely awesome! 3min 55sec is going to take some work to beat

    1. Beautiful picture of the bird. You are hardcore for training outside at 7 below! Thank you for stepping forward and trying out the horse stance hold exercise. I have never tried to hold that stance for as long as I could until today after being inspired by your video. It was a very fun experience that created a lot of laughter for me and Jenny when watching the video. I was able to experience a deep meditative experience during the test & I see it as a key to a high level of development. I am very much looking forward to developing further in that exercise and achieving a deeper meditation. Keep up the good work in your training over there!

    2. You're right about the meditative potential of this exercise, which is probably (aside from the leg strengthening and rooting) why it has maintained all these years as a classical key to training. I could see that you were able to dig very deep, far deeper than myself or the other todai, pushing through a lot of discomfort and then going back in to that meditation yet again before the eventual break, which seemed prompted by the break in the music

    3. The collapse and "Oh My God" at the end was hilarious

    4. Yeah I was doing when it happened too. lol


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