Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FMK Precepts

FMK Precepts
1)  We promote the balance of the Body, Mind, and Spirit
2)  We promote the mastery of the “Art of Fighting Without Fighting.”
3)  We promote the Way of Tao, Zen, and the original teachings of Buddha
4)  We promote the elite expression of athletic fitness through natural nutrition and hard work
5)  We do not support the violent expression of combative techniques in competition.
6)  We do not support or participate in combat sport
7)  We promote meditation not competition
8)  We promote self-development, not competition with others
10)  We will only train in ground fighting as a way of survival not as a way of competition
11)  We train in combat as a way of survival and health not as a way of competition
12)  We do not support Cage Fighting, MMA, UFC, The DisGracie Family, or BJJ Blow Job-Jujitsu
13)  All our training should be aimed towards health & longevity, never towards violence
14)  We shall aim to become Martial Artists not Fighters
15)  We do not promote alcohol, cigarettes, or the use of harmful or illegal drugs
16)  We do not promote the use of any performance enhancing drugs or supplements


  1. So true Freddie!. It has always been this way. It's also good to remind ourselves of this every once and a wile.

  2. DisGracie. LOL. I never thought you hated them so much but you have your reasons to do so.


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