Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Walk Of Martial Arts

         Training in the Martial Arts is a journey and commitment that takes time and dedication to do. Not many Martial Artist keep up with their training and end up losing health, knowledge, and spirit. Training in the Martial Arts is kinda like trying to climb out of a lifelong hole. The more you stay in the hole doing nothing the more you stay in the hole. But the more you try to climb out of the hole the closer you are to getting out of it.
Same can be said about Training in the Martial Arts. If you train in the Martial Arts and give up on training in it any further you won't get far in it. When you train in the Martial Arts you want to train to get higher and higher in it. To reach a unreachable level of skill, knowledge, wisdom, and courage. Having the right mind, body, and spirit is what make a Martial Artist a True Martial Artist.


  1. Great post, thank you for sharing. It's nice to see someone new posting on here. The never ending journey towards self-development.

  2. Nicely put. The walk of the Martial Arts is Kung fu. Kung Fu is the real self-development.


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